Wednesday, March 25, 2015

'tis the season

I went to my first yardsale and found a handful of games...I guess it's about that time of year. So, I'll be doing more frequent updates (they're much more interesting this time of year than my personal collection additions) so stick around! Could be weekly, could be monthly. I've taken a few pics of my updated collection...sorta like a "before" and "after" deal. Since I'm close to filling both of the shelves I have, I wanted to see my progress. Plus, some highlights from my instagram page.

Thanks for sticking with me through the boring winter. This year was especially awful (coldest February on record by multiple degrees in Syracuse!)...send me some positive vibes for some good finds this year!!!!

Just a photo I took and liked.

Got this sweet '96 coil force carded Raph. I'd been on the lookout for this one loose and it was carded for the same price.

Grabbed this on Radioshacks 80% off sale for like $150. If I stop posting it's because my neighbors finally snapped and called the cops. This thing beats up my house haha. 

Quakehold. Grabbed this for only $4 or something and it was enough to hold everything with more than half of it leftover. Works VERY well. Highly recommended. Available via Lowes and Amazon...and probably other places. 

Joined the Bomit sticker are my first two packs. Awesome purchase. 

My Playstation stuff, as of now.

Dunnys, as of now.

Comics and Raph collection, as of now (carded ones are hanging up).

Nintendo/Sega shelf as of now.

Collectors editions and Mad L collection (closeups of Mad L stuff on my instagram)

Second dunny shelf I had to build haha.

TMNT vinyl.

Thanks again, and keep an eye out for updates! As always, instagram is your most up-to-date place to see my stuff for sale and recent pickups - @315retro 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Oh yeah, that blog I do. Happy New Year!

It's that time of year where I just don't have much to post. Thrift stores in my area are terrible, I don't have any nearby flea markets and the nearest garage sale date isn't until May. I pass on estate sales unless they're nearby. This results in a lapse of new stuff to show ya...except for what I buy and trade myself. Which isn't as interesting.

Got myself the fairly disappointing Little Big Planet 3. It just wasn't as good, man. I had high hopes, but I didn't even finish the final level due to ragequitting.

This on the other hand was exactly as great as I had hoped.

Gamestop had a buy 2 get 1 thing. Splatterhouse was good, except it had some frustrating controls. Excellent soundtrack. House of the Dead I started today and is fantastic so far. The rest are in the backlog.

Wolfenstien was great - well worth $20. Tales I haven't started on yet.

Raph has always been my favorite turtle, and this was one of my favorite Raphs. Got it cheap. Yes the hands are wrong but I like it kinda. Better than stumps, right?

Paper Plastick had a really good sale, but their shipping is fucked up. It adds like $5 for everything you put in your cart. A big ass piece of vinyl for only $12 (well, $6 for me.)

A buddy of mine had this and Lamestop wouldn't take it on a trade, so I made him an offer. It wasn't exactly on my list, but I'm happy to have it.

Overlord I found for like $3, Pokemon I found when I was cleaning.

You guys remember Bucky O Hare? I bought this when I was kinda drunk. No regrets.

This here was my Reddit Gifts exchange. SO good.

Finished the Kidrobot Ooze Action set. Because reasons.

This was really cool. I bought a Fuku Box with the Spanky Stokes name on it. It was a random assortment. A lot of people were disappointed...but not me. I somehow managed to pull the Devious chase out of the box. Luck was on my side.

Xmas gifts. The Wolf Among is is probably in the top 5 games last year IMO.

3 more from a G2G1 free at gamestop.

The Loyal Subjects TMNT set is too good. Easily outdoes Kidrobot and Funko. These are a gamestop exclusive set, colors based on turtles in time. They came windowboxed rather than blind, and at $13 each (either way), I wanted to make sure I got all 4 the first time.

I guess this is my last picture. This was a trade for that stuffed Donatello I found last summer. I guess I'm collecting Raphs now...

I post much more on my instagram, including contests and moves much quicker there. @315retro ...I have started a 365 day photo challenge thing...I dunno, I'm 3 days in and already almost forgot twice.

Stay up 2015...hopefully we all find some good shit this year!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Update, also Retro Game Con 2014 pics/haul!

OK! So I grabbed a few small things...retro game con pics to come at the end (mostly my scores, but a few other things too!)

Diddy and Bowser from the K'NEX set. Got most of the ones I care to have now...just want a dry bones I think, and I'm set. Oh and Wario.

Touma little trickers set. Panda style.

Pink bear, same set.

Gorilla, same set.

Turtle, same set...this guy worked for team Sonic at one point!

Random GI Joe grab from a thrift store...take the lot for $15 shipped while I still have it.

Rando Mario I came across. I guess it was the "toddler" option from the Happy Meal set back when Mario 3 dropped.

Super amazing dope Mishka it. KEEP WATCH.

Grabbed a physical copy of Duck Tales since they're few and far between. It's an awesome game I didn't bother buying digitally...well worth the $15 I got this for. It's really hard to find a disc copy of this. Most of the time it's a download code in a box - lame.

Crowd shot of RGC 2014. Couldn't get a better pic since I was using instagram.

Badass Toejam and Earl print I picked up. Gonna frame it and hang it. The original was there for $30 but there was way too much other good stuff on a $45 budget to get it.

Rad cat plush I got, along with the first 3 issues of Usagi Yojimbo volume 2, which is when Mirage took a bonus, all 3 are signed by Stan Sakai!

My VIP swag bag, plus 6 stickers I bought, minus various coupons and vouchers. T shirt on the right.

Dollar each PS1 bin...some tight scores. Manual missing the cover is Dino Crisis 2. Finally can test out my Odyssey 2 but I haven't yet haha. Accidentally re-bought Gex for $2 because I forgot I already had it. Damn.

My mini 10-Doh by squidkidsink. I tore the old sticker off because I wasn't too crazy about it anyway...and had it signed by James Rolfe - the Angry Video Game Nerd himself! He's the reason I got into collecting, so it was a big deal for me to meet the man behind the videos!

Some of the cosplayers. Stole this photo from - the ghostbuster in the back was fucking amazing. He had a lit up and what looked like a fully functional proton pack.

I have a few more pics on instagram I didn't bother transferring here, as well as a video of some Vectrex gameplay...that thing was so tight! Thanks for reading...I'll probably be checking back in after black Friday...hopefully with some awesome grabs!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Yup, garage sales are done.

Lame. Aside from random thrift luck and odd findings, I'm not going to have much to add for the winter season :/ I've actually written up a few things on toys I've learned about, maybe stuff you'll be interested in. I'll be doing my long play video uploads as well...but updates are gonna be slow for the next 6 months.

I did buy myself a case of the Kidrobot 2014 annual set - "Art of War". I got all but two I wanted, so that was cool. They had a killer sale.

A-10 Tank Destroyer by DrilOne. I got the olive variant, which is 1:20. This was one of my favorites, but I really liked the whole set. There was also a silver and red variant (much less common) that I didn't really want, since it's essentially the same figure.

My favorite of the set, BARBAROSSA (КРАСНАЯ БОРОДА) by Sergio Mancini, a 1:60 figure. This was the chase I was hoping to find in my case.

Geek Force by Igor Ventura. 2:20. I do still have another one of these, I'm asking $3 plus shipping.

Untitled Dunny by Sam Fout. I like this one a lot too. His guns are cooler than this picture gives them credit for. 2:20 - I gave my extra to my cousin for his birthday though.

Genghis Khano by Kano. Another solid figure. I have a double, $3 + ship. 2:20.

Stop the Tanks! by Luihz Unreal. 1:20. I like how that picture came out :P

Sun Tzu by my homie John Paul Kaiser (JPK). I always love his style, but I don't really like the "realistic" human faces...then again, I like the sculpt on his "ears", so whatever. Not my favorite, but if it had to be a human-esque face JPK did a nice job with it.

Untitled by Patricio Oliver (PO!). Yellow 1:20, Blue, 3:40 (have an extra, $3 + ship) and red 2:20 (gave the extra to my cousin).

Napoleon by Kozik. 3:40. Glad I only got one.

Tick Tock by Shok1. ?:?? - I thought it was 1:20, but some people had cases without any, some people had 2 in a case. So who knows. I think the ratios got messed up in the factory.

Untitled by Huck Gee. 1:20. Everyone is burnt out on Huck and rips on him for reusing his designs, but this is one of my first and only Huck pieces so I like it. I feel like if I got his hyper series' I'd probably be annoyed too.

And finally The Harvester by Colus. 3:40. I had an extra but I really like this one so I think I'll keep it.

I also bought this because I heard it was "like Persona", and it was $16 used at Gamestop. Not sure what I think of it. Definitely bizarre, and actually makes me feel kinda creepy for playing it...but it's what you expect from Japan. Not bad, not great. Hopefully I'll beat the story at least.