Saturday, May 23, 2015

Adventure Time Watch List (for adults!)

If you're reading this, you've probably been linked here after asking about Adventure Time. I've compiled a list here of what I consider to be the "good ones", or the ones that apply to the overall mythos/lore of the Land of Ooo. You can feel free to skip down a bit if you'd just like to read the list and get watching, but I'll be explaining myself a bit below. It won't be necessary to your understanding of the list, so go ahead and jump past if you're not in the mood for a few minutes of reading first.

Adventure Time is a cartoon that has been berated into all of our minds through endless advertising, memes and gifs, the obnoxious fans of the show (myself included) and every other avenue of media we subject ourselves to. You've probably heard it's a good show for adults, but are skeptical (I don't blame you...I'm sure you've heard the same about My Little Pony. Sorry Bronies, but no). The truth is, it's a show made for all ages which some adults will grasp onto. Not every episode is for everyone, and watching the wrong one first could leave a really bad taste in your mouth or turn you off of the show completely.

This is a list of episodes that pander to the nerdy crowd. If you're a fan of gaming (tabletop, video, etc), LARPing and card games like Magic the Gathering, a number of these episodes will leave you smiling. There are also some really neat sci-fi elements (think Futurama) involving time travel, alternate universes, post apocalyptic get the idea. By no means is this a definitive list of anything. There are many excellent episodes I left out, but the idea of this list is to get you through the best of the best to see if it appeals to you. Just a heads up, there are a LOT of episodes that just won't appeal to your demographic...should you choose to deviate from the list, you're going to run into some stuff you might not enjoy.

Anyway, the important part...


  • RED TEXT* = An episode that is key to understanding the plot of the show. Marked with a * for visually impaired readers!
  • PURPLE TEXT = An episode fairly important, but may be left in for other reasons.
  • BLUE TEXT = An episode purely based on my recommendation.
SEASON ONE (3/1/4)

S1E1 - "Slumber Party Panic" - A decent introduction. Can safely be skipped

S1E5* - "The Enchiridion!" - An important book is introduced. First real adventure.

S1E10 - "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain" - Provides skippable Finn origin hints. 

S1E12* - "Evicted" - Introduces Marceline the Vampire Queen.

S1E18 - "Dungeon" - A good (early) example of the RPG inspiration. They only get better!

S1E20 - "Freak City" - Introduction to "Magic Man", a popular B list character. 

S1E23 - "Rainy Day Daydream" - Just a fun episode. One of my personal favorites. 

S1E25* - "His Hero" - Finn meets an important character. 


SEASON TWO (2/1/5)

S2E1 - "It Came From the Nightosphere" - Optional Marcy background. Nightosphere is rad.

S2E6 - "Slow Love" - Funny sexual innuendos and a fun episode. 

S2E13 - "The Pods" - Another fun episode. Cute. Highly skippable, but people love this one.

S2E15 - "The Real You" - Kinda cool sci-fi stuff. Commonly referenced "DMT" episode. 

S2E16 - "Guardians of Sunshine" - A(n old school) video game-centric episode.

S2E17 - "Death in Bloom" - The Land of the Dead is really cool and imaginative. 

S2E24* - "Mortal Folly" - Introduces the protagonist for the first plot arc. 

S2E25* - "Mortal Recoil" - Continuation of Mortal Folly.



S3E3 - "Memory of a Memory" - Semi-important Marceline info.

S3E5* - "Too Young" - Just important, can't summarize without spoilers. 

S3E13 - "From Bad to Worse" - Zombie style stuff, probably popular among zombiephiles.

S3E15 - "No One Can Hear You" - Very Twilight Zone-y. I like this one.

S3E17 - "Thank You" - Very neat. Has a Futurama vibe to it ("Lethal Inspection" episode)

S3E18 - "The New Frontier" - Shows Finn and Jake character styles very well.

S3E19 - "Holly Jolly Secrets (Part 1)" - Important Ice King backstory, but plays out SLOWLY

S3E20 - "Holly Jolly Secrets (Part 2)" - Continues Ice King story.

S3E25* - "Dad's Dungeon" - The sword bit is kinda important, marking red. 



S4E5 - "Return to the Nightosphere" - Very popular episode, great animation.

S4E6 - "Daddy's Little Monster" - A continuation of E5. 

S4E7* - "In Your Footsteps" - F+J meet a bear who proves to be very important. 

S4E10* - "Goliad" - I remember this being important later, I'm still not done with S5. 

S4E11 - "Beyond This Earthly Realm" - Pretty cool sci-fi, other dimensional kinda.

S4E14 - "Card Wars" - Very good episode, inspired the Adventure Time card game!  

S4E15 - "Sons of Mars" - Callback to the Pilot episode...has Magic Man. Skippable. 

S4E18 - "King Worm" - A very trippy episode. Excellent depiction of a dream. My favorite.

S4E20 - "You Made Me" - Lemongrab development. You decide.

S4E25* -"I Remember You" - A very emotional, very well received episode. Wiki Reception. 

S4E26** - "The Lich" - The 3 part culmination of most of the red episodes. AWESOME scifi.



S5E1** - "Finn The Human" - Part 2 of 3.

S5E2* - "Jake the Dog" - Part 3 of 3.


I'm stopping here, for now, because season 5 doubled the amount of episodes, as did season 6. I haven't even started watching season 7 myself, so I'll write those down as I go through them. There are a lot of good episodes left, and the show really started coming into its full maturity around the end of season 3. There is a lot of relationship stuff with Finn and the Flame Princess I left out...I just don't feel like it is important to the plot, and I don't feel like it really aimed at me as a viewer. You're more than welcome to continue on on your own, but do note that some episodes seem completely skippable and unimportant...until the very end and something crazy happens. 

I will definitely be keeping this list as up to date as I can, but I have to work my way through season 5 again! Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share this - but please do not copy it without my permission. Feel free to print it out and cross them out as you go too! 

As for where to watch, I suggest Hulu Plus. Or if you're crafty, The Pirate Bay. 

Happy watching! 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

April 2015

So I'm a week late on my monthly update, but I finally got a chance to do it. I've been off to an excellent start...

Let me get my new Dunnys out of the way here. I've started grabbing one per week from eBay and doing a #dunnymonday thing on some fun ones off my collection list. None of these are for sale, just for me.


Joe Ledbetter

My first 8" dunny! He's missing his fish, but I'm probably gonna hang a lure from it.

First from the gold life series - a chase too!

John Paul Kaiser. Always on point.

Beast Bros - a personal favorite!

2 more Gold Life!

And another 8"! MAD this time. Only need a few more things to have all his Dunnys.

And then, my garage sale's been an awesome first month for me.

Found all of these in a big magazine lid stickers. I'm trying to find them all, but info is extremely scarce...can't even get a definitive list of what I'm missing, and trying to track down which issue they were in is nearly impossible. I saw a PS1 with a FF8 sticker on it already, but they wanted $35 for it...I'm kinda kicking myself, because I can't even find evidence of that sticker existing, let alone finding one for sale. I did find a RE one, which is further down in the pics. Anyone with any info or any stickers I don't have, PLEASE email me -

Found this lot first thing in the month at a thrift store I hit up. Nothing special, but all added to my personal stash.

Bomit sticker club month 3!

First big get of the year. Console with red controller, expansion pack, and perfect dark (with manual I believe) I'm asking $65 shipped. Rough condition Sesame Street lunchbox I'll do $5+ shipping. DM me on instagram or email me -

Big lot of paperwork. Zelda stuff sold, everything except the Bart's Nightmare, Turok and Perfect Dark manual for sale...hit me with an offer. I'd probably let it go for $15 shipped. Goosebumps also for me.

Metalhead Mike! My mom found this in the back of her closet - apparently a gift she lost and never gave me as a kid. What a score as an adult, right? The card is a little bit beat but the bubble is crystal clear and doesn't have any visible dents. Asking $55 shipped on this guy.

The iPod was originally for me, but I got an offer for double what I paid for it, and my music collection filled about a tenth of the hard drive, so I sold it. Gameboy with games for has trouble reading like 2 of these games, but works after a cleaning. Could probably stand some lovin', but works most of the time. No charger. $25 shipped, includes the games.

PS1 grab for myself, I'm buying them to slap the stickers on. Trying to make a wall of them eventually.

Gamecube lot. Mariokart for me (of course it's the one without the box, right?). Gamecube with power cord, grimy controller, and new controller (third party still in package) let me do a bunch of races on MK but crapped out when I tried to load up MP7 and wouldn't read the disc. Could also use some lovin'. Being sold as-is since it randomly won't read one disc...maybe needs that laser adjustment procedure, I don't wanna mess with it. How like $28 shipped?

NES lot! I asked a lady at a sale if she had any games, she came back out with these. Metroid $16 shipped, SMB/DH, Tetris, and Pacman...ummmm, $16 shipped? $12 shipped without the Pacman box, but you know you want it.

Blanks from Bomit and Eggshell Stickers. Had a hiccup with my order, but they threw in mad extras so I'm happy.

Another N64...was real dirty, but cleaned up nicely. N64 with Pokemon Snap, sunfaded blue controller, and power cord (no A/V) asking...$35 shipped? It's not pretty. Gamecube controllers fresh in the package - unfortunately third party, but they're pretty nice quality. IDK. $10 each shipped? Offer? Sin City $7 shipped. The rest are for me!

Bought a random big box of Magic cards for $1. Nothing special, already sold. PSP and games already sold. Gameshark 64 for me. DS game will be bundled with a future DS I buy.

And that's it for April. What a start, eh? Feels good man after a shit winter. Feel free to shoot me an offer on any of this stuff...if it doesn't sell, it'll be relisted elsewhere. I'm probably not gonna come back and edit the prices to be it could be gone, could be here. Email ...have a sweet summer guys!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

'tis the season

I went to my first yardsale and found a handful of games...I guess it's about that time of year. So, I'll be doing more frequent updates (they're much more interesting this time of year than my personal collection additions) so stick around! Could be weekly, could be monthly. I've taken a few pics of my updated collection...sorta like a "before" and "after" deal. Since I'm close to filling both of the shelves I have, I wanted to see my progress. Plus, some highlights from my instagram page.

Thanks for sticking with me through the boring winter. This year was especially awful (coldest February on record by multiple degrees in Syracuse!)...send me some positive vibes for some good finds this year!!!!

Just a photo I took and liked.

Got this sweet '96 coil force carded Raph. I'd been on the lookout for this one loose and it was carded for the same price.

Grabbed this on Radioshacks 80% off sale for like $150. If I stop posting it's because my neighbors finally snapped and called the cops. This thing beats up my house haha. 

Quakehold. Grabbed this for only $4 or something and it was enough to hold everything with more than half of it leftover. Works VERY well. Highly recommended. Available via Lowes and Amazon...and probably other places. 

Joined the Bomit sticker are my first two packs. Awesome purchase. 

My Playstation stuff, as of now.

Dunnys, as of now.

Comics and Raph collection, as of now (carded ones are hanging up).

Nintendo/Sega shelf as of now.

Collectors editions and Mad L collection (closeups of Mad L stuff on my instagram)

Second dunny shelf I had to build haha.

TMNT vinyl.

Thanks again, and keep an eye out for updates! As always, instagram is your most up-to-date place to see my stuff for sale and recent pickups - @315retro 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Oh yeah, that blog I do. Happy New Year!

It's that time of year where I just don't have much to post. Thrift stores in my area are terrible, I don't have any nearby flea markets and the nearest garage sale date isn't until May. I pass on estate sales unless they're nearby. This results in a lapse of new stuff to show ya...except for what I buy and trade myself. Which isn't as interesting.

Got myself the fairly disappointing Little Big Planet 3. It just wasn't as good, man. I had high hopes, but I didn't even finish the final level due to ragequitting.

This on the other hand was exactly as great as I had hoped.

Gamestop had a buy 2 get 1 thing. Splatterhouse was good, except it had some frustrating controls. Excellent soundtrack. House of the Dead I started today and is fantastic so far. The rest are in the backlog.

Wolfenstien was great - well worth $20. Tales I haven't started on yet.

Raph has always been my favorite turtle, and this was one of my favorite Raphs. Got it cheap. Yes the hands are wrong but I like it kinda. Better than stumps, right?

Paper Plastick had a really good sale, but their shipping is fucked up. It adds like $5 for everything you put in your cart. A big ass piece of vinyl for only $12 (well, $6 for me.)

A buddy of mine had this and Lamestop wouldn't take it on a trade, so I made him an offer. It wasn't exactly on my list, but I'm happy to have it.

Overlord I found for like $3, Pokemon I found when I was cleaning.

You guys remember Bucky O Hare? I bought this when I was kinda drunk. No regrets.

This here was my Reddit Gifts exchange. SO good.

Finished the Kidrobot Ooze Action set. Because reasons.

This was really cool. I bought a Fuku Box with the Spanky Stokes name on it. It was a random assortment. A lot of people were disappointed...but not me. I somehow managed to pull the Devious chase out of the box. Luck was on my side.

Xmas gifts. The Wolf Among is is probably in the top 5 games last year IMO.

3 more from a G2G1 free at gamestop.

The Loyal Subjects TMNT set is too good. Easily outdoes Kidrobot and Funko. These are a gamestop exclusive set, colors based on turtles in time. They came windowboxed rather than blind, and at $13 each (either way), I wanted to make sure I got all 4 the first time.

I guess this is my last picture. This was a trade for that stuffed Donatello I found last summer. I guess I'm collecting Raphs now...

I post much more on my instagram, including contests and moves much quicker there. @315retro ...I have started a 365 day photo challenge thing...I dunno, I'm 3 days in and already almost forgot twice.

Stay up 2015...hopefully we all find some good shit this year!