Saturday, September 5, 2015

August Recap

This was actually one of my best months ever, looking back. I had another motherload of toy finds...which is always really awesome for me, because I don't really keep any toys (minus TMNT, and even then I usually only keep Raph) so it's a great money make for me. I officially ran out of room on my Playstation shelf I built last year, and I have a stack of about 20 PS2 games waiting for me to build them a new home.

Kept the silver PS2 (have CIB now) and some of the games. The NBA/NFL controllers are for sale still. That's a loose N64, that's also for sale if anyone is interested. I haven't tested it, but I guess I probably could.

This was also a really great day. Pretty much all has sold (the SP is on eBay right now - my name is 315retro there too!) I have a copy of red and a copy of yellow left, both with writing on the labels. I have a copy of gold too I think, and a copy of Crystal without a working battery...I can replace it, but I use the ugly electrical tape method...hit me up if you're interested. That Crash Bandicoot I actually got the rest of the pieces for later this month. He's really sun faded. I looked at buying a replacement and I guess he goes for like $50+ so I'll keep my sun faded one TYVM.

This was so awesome. I bought a huge bin of toys that was closed until I got there. I asked if the toys were for sale too...she said yes. I opened it to see the Rex right on top, and scored the whole bin really really cheap. I didn't even bother looking at what else was in there. With the Jurassic World movie recently, I sold that one Rex for about $70.

All these sold. I kept a set of Simpsons watches for myself, and the Biker Mice dude for me too.

Kept the Robo Force dude in the back, a line I never heard of but it's fuckin' AWESOME. Kept the Raphs. Rest sold. I'd really like to come across the rest of the robo force set...I have a soft spot for robots.

All of this sold. It killed me a little to sell the Barnyard Commandos, but I just don't have room for all this stuff.

Completed my Earthworm Jim set on the cheap!

Kept most of this, sold FF7. Was stoked to find the big Spyro, and I paid $10 for MM Legends...which I'd never damn do, but I wanted it.

This all came from one really bizarre house. It was all a ton of old people stuff, I found the TMNT mirror (kept) and the meat tray (kept) and just as I was about to leave, I saw that dino peeking out. You can imagine my shock. Grabbed it and sold it (1 week after selling my other dino) for $70...I was killing it with these retro JP toys.

And that's it! Summer is really noticably winding's Labor Day weekend...which means no more garage sales. I had such a great time this summer, winter is gonna kill me this year. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve with a great flea market I hit up last year, and a few other things...I got a good score yesterday, but since it's officially September I won't post it until October. Wow, time really is flying.

Stay hunting guys!

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