Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pre-Season Check-In 2016 & Latest Pickups

It's the middle of March and the extended forecast says a pretty steady 40-50-60 degree weather is here to stay. I'm still scared there will be a mid-spring blizzard just to mock us, but all in all this winter was a joke. We got a few feet of snow here and there, but it always melted instead of sticking around.

What this ends up meaning is...early garage sales. I actually went to one on Saturday (3/12) and waited in line for an actual EMPTY house...ugh. But it got me thinking - I'd like to chronicle where I am right now vs where I am at the end of the season. I'm hoping for one or two really killer scores again this summer...maybe finally some SNES stuff because I refuse to pay retail and my SNES shelf is sad as hell.

This is mainly a post for myself, but feel free to read along. I use a really good app to chronicle my collection (which also has a built in wishlist...I've never been more prepared to find 100 copies of Sonic 2!) so I know exactly how many games I have from each system today. Keeping everything with a total/wishlist number we go -

NES - 115 / 18
SNES - 22 / 16 
N64 - 75 / 13
(3)DS - 36 / 29

Genesis - 44 / 39
Gamecube - 25 / 15
Wii - 41 / 34
Wii U - 8 / XXX
OG Xbox - 7 / 11
Xbox 360 - 6 / 45
Dreamcast - 1 / 9

PS1 - 140 / 33
PS2 - 123 / 39
PS3 - 98 / 31
PS4 - 19 / XXX
PSP - 23 / 10
PSV - 29 / 9

Of course the wishlist is never complete...but I went through the Wiki pages for each console and chalked down what games I think I might actually play...not stuff that was rare to keep an eye out for, not stuff I feel like I need because everyone says so, but stuff that I might actually sit down and have fun with (what a concept, right?). I'm sure I'll find stuff outside of my wishlist that I keep, but I feel like the numbers are pretty manageable for now! I'd like to see what I can find/trade for (aka not spend much on) this summer...

Also, the current state of my TMNT. Only really collecting Raph at this point, so anything else I find will be up for grabs most likely.

I'm keeping it quiet on the toy front because I know most people browsing don't care about my toys and are here to check out the games...hit my instagram for the dunny madness over the last few months. These are special ones to me, and new additions to my 8" dunny fam.

Bought a 360 on an absolute whim from Gamestop...I figured if I was gonna have one, I wanted this R2-D2 one that talks to me. Good thing about waiting so late in the game to grab this is that the games I want are all like $5 at Gamestop. There are only 3-4 titles on my wishlist that are over $20!

Finally this Adventure Island 4 repro. I don't really do repros, but this is my favorite NES trilogy (yep, before TMNT even) and I didn't know they had this in PAL regions. Repros from other regions we didn't get are cool in my book, so here is my first one for the NES. There are a few more I have my eye on, and I actually have ~5 Genesis repros coming from overseas that were PAL only releases. 

So yeah, I guess that's about all. OH! I did totally build the arcade thing I was gonna build in my last post. I have that all the way done. I was like 30% through a very very detailed step-by-step post on how to do it and gave up. There are just too many variables to bother trying to teach anyone via a blog post. But, I will post progress shots and a little demo of the menu when I get a spare minute...been too lazy for all that.

Anyway, good luck all game hunters. Please stay out of my territory and allow me to gloat relentlessly when I find a good score. Hit me up with trades, watch my instagram for sales (every Friday morning - instagram gets first dibs on my fresh finds!) and keep it real. Remember we do this because it's's easy to get caught up in everything. Take a minute to step back and laugh about how absurd it is to be sitting outside a house at 5 AM waiting for a sale to open at 6:30 AM. 

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