Friday, August 7, 2015

June/July 2015

I just had a pretty great find today...which reminded me I haven't done this in two months. WOOPS haha. always, first up, my personal vinyl stuff I bought...

Third 8"!

SDCC exclusive!

Got the full bootleg set!

First clutter magazine issue - it's awesome!

And now to my yardsale grabs...I didn't do great, but I can't complain.

Mario Galaxy 2 and Twilight Princess to my collection, huge bin of Legos, GBA and Mario Allstars sold. You can't tell but there's a 32x in that box. I think I kept it, but it's not compatible with a Genesis 3, so I haven't played with it yet.

Megaman traded. Half Life and Dig Dug for me, SSBB traded into gamestop, because apparently they give more than ebay for it. Go figure. Liquor went into sweet tea, Twin Peaks I haven't watched yet. That's a new shelf too. That was a weak day.

Mystery kaiju for me, Next Gen TMNT all sold, others still up for grabs.

Fat stack of PS2 games for me, 2 PS2's traded into gamestop (right before they stopped giving good money), Skylanders I kept, big mug I drank a 40 out of, Donald Duck my aunt bought.

This was a super awesome day. PS2 for my best friend who asked me to get him one (a week after I sold those 2 to gamestop...of course, right?). That action set is SLICK. All boxed games gone, except SMB 2 which is immaculate and I'm waiting on a good offer to sell. More PS2 games to my collection.

Another weak day, almost didn't find anything, but these DS games all for $3 each to my personal collection was a nice end to the day.

2 more PS2's (I promised I wouldn't buy anymore, but they were GIVING them away), keeping the silver one for myself, big one maybe getting a new home on Saturday. All lame games, I kept some. N64 was 100% loose - no connections, no controllers, no games lol.

Anyway, that's that. I had a really great find today, but you'll have to wait until next month to see it. Or, ya know, check instagram now. Your call. Lots of Pokemon games for grabs, and FF7...and a ton of toys.

Keep it real y'all.

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