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My name is Jeph, I'm a dude born in the 90's who collects a lot of video games. I've been a gamer all my life and in the last 5 or so years decided it'd be cool to get all my old games back. As I started to slowly rebuild my collection, I noticed there is a large community of people doing the same. In the last 2 years, my collection has doubled and even tripled. Its still very humble and has a LONG way to go, but every week I knock out some of the list little by little.


I find my games at thrift stores and pawn shops, garage sales and auctions, consignment stores, etc. Some finds are better than others, some things are more rare than others, but at the end of the day any addition to my collection makes me happy. I also collect things related to gaming, not just the games themselves (signage, toys, collectables, etc) but my main focus right now is on getting my game library built up.

My collection spans many many years of gaming - NES through Playstation 3 (4 soon!). I really enjoy finding the retro stuff to add to my collection, but I play a lot of current games too. I get collectors editions from time to time, and I'll be sure to post those as I come across them. My favorite area of collecting is definitely Playstation, as each step of my "gaming maturity" has seemed to take place on a Sony console. I also collect for all the Nintendo systems, as well as Sega Genesis.

Sometimes I find something extra, or something that doesn't quite fit in my collection. On these occasions, the items go up for sale and or trade. When I do sell something, I always put the money back into my collection. My job funds most of lifes responsibilities, so keeping any cash return within the collecting community is a key idea for me. Often times if I find a double of something I already I have, I buy it to trade with another person who might have a title I'm looking for. Trading saves two people the trouble of searching for something, and provides both people with something cool they're looking for. Should I put anything significant up for sale, I will link the eBay auction in the main section. The stuff I most want to trade for can be found in a (semi outdated) list HERE, and anything I currently have extras of to trade can be found HERE (link coming soon).


Well, on my never ending quest to fill out my collection I run across a lot of other collectables. While I'm not personally into collecting action figures I have learned a bit about them and have recently started selling them through various internet outlets. I've even found a few people willing to trade video games for certain action figures...you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours as the saying goes. I have a lot of action figures from when I was younger, and I've been working on selling and trading  them. I tend to buy up any bar/beer/liquor signage I find for $10 or less as well. I'm not very educated in the intricacies of comic collecting, but there are a few comics I read and buy. If I ever find them for sale at a garage sale for cheap, I usually get those too.


Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or just would like to talk to a fellow collector, feel free to send me an email - Sooooradd@gmail.com :] I also have a facebook page located HERE. Soon enough (when the PS4 launches) I'll probably be uploading and streaming Twitch videos and I have a few ideas in my head for my Youtube channel (link coming soon!). Have an excellent day.

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