My Collection (pre-blog)

I figured I should include some pictures of my game library...I took them early on in the updates of the blog. Because of this, you'll see it is missing things I've added...just imagine them there! As I fill a shelf completely, I'll come back and update. Eventually, I plan to have a shelf for each company (Nintendo, Sony, Sega) and then even further down the road, a shelf for each system (NES, SNES, N64, etc)

Like I mentioned, its still kinda small, but as you can see from my blog here, its growing every single week!

Eventually, I'll have a link to another page you can click to see specifically what games are on the shelves here before the addition of my recent purchases, but thats quite a task best left for another day.

There are a few things not pictured. Off the top of my head, I can think of DJ Hero 1 and 2 and turntable, Uncharted 3 collectors edition, my Gameboy stuff (hard to display) and my Atari stuff (don't play often enough). I think you can click the pictures to make them bigger, I'm not sure. Some of this has since been traded or sold as well.

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