Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy 2016!

Woops, another 6 month silence on my part haha. I won't waste time, I'll start off by posting pictures of my September - December pickups. Leaving dunnys out (well, for the most part) and only really posting the big stuff...

I don't remember if this was a new addition or not, but everyone on instagram really liked this photo, and so do I so I'm sharing it.

Some of my final pickups at yardsales for 2015. Note the audiophile ps1! All sold/kept except for Mech Wreckin' Don...feel free to make an offer, it's the original one not the repro they are selling now. Fair condition too!

One crate of crappy comics (all pack in's with Marvel Legends...hit me up if you're interested) and a huge box of Wizard magazines...I still have these around, simply because I think they'd make an awesome craft that Food Fighters fry dude who I keep in my backpack for luck haha. Turok games all sold.

A little something different, mostly posting this for myself to remember. I grabbed this for $30, which is really crazy because I was about to spend $140 on Amazon a few days later for the exact same smoker. All my friends will tell you this is the best thing I've ever found haha. It's really nice and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to BBQ some delicious meats. (feel free to message me about it...I did a few modifications and have some advice for anyone curious.)

Tossing in a quick dunny grab because it was a really good deal, @mywickedvintageshop on instagram had a dunny sale and really hooked it up on a number of things I was looking for. Definitely check her (him? pretty sure her?) out.

My pickups from Retro Game Con 15! First is the huge place the convention was held in this year (it goes way further than you can even see, this was near the exit/entrance). Second pic is the freebies I snagged and my VIP package for this year. Last picture is the stuff I got...I went looking for TMNT and Toejam and Earl, and happily left with both and a great price. Also snagged Boogerman for a steal!

My Christmas was great, and I hope whatever holiday you celebrated was too!

And one more dunny because I really love this one and have been waiting a long time for it to release. I also have to plug for my favorite toy store online now, Radar Toys. All orders ship FREE! Looks like they sold out of this one though.

And there it is...the close to my year. I had an excellent one yardsale wise, and if I even do HALF as good next year I'll be satisfied. I hope everyone has an awesome 2016 and I wish happy hunting to all you collectors out there (just stay off my turf ;) )

And a little teaser for my newest project...which will include step by step photos and more information than anyone wants, I'm sure...

Contemplate that, and happy new year with my dude Ned Flanders (happy Halloween too...)

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