Tuesday, June 9, 2015

May 2015

May is always a pretty good month for me...it starts out the year for sales, and all the stuff is pretty fresh from spring cleaning. I didn't do so hot all month, but Then Came the Last Days of May

First up, my personal collectibles I grabbed...

Those dunnys are 2 of my 3 most wanted dunnys! I'm really chipping away at my list. I haven't added many non-kidrobot toys to my collection in a while, but I've always been a fan of DGPH and that topo was like $5. 

Video game gets...Digimon wasn't very good. At all. But whatever, I grabbed it really cheap and digimon is always collectible in the future. The Witcher is fucking absolutely fantastic. I just beat it on Sunday.

And of course my sticker of the month club from Bomit! 

Random fleamarket finds. A slow start to the month :/ 

The following weekend...ipods on ebay at the moment if anyone is interested, I have 'em listed very cheap. Only like 5 hours left though. The dino is from Jurassic Park. Its a huge rubber puppet. $32 shipped. Random loose PS3 lot...I can do $18 shipped on the whole thing. RE3 is the highlight.

And then I hit up a crazy ass community sale. This is the sale I got all of this at last year...same house! The Gamegear stuff was separate, everything else came from that house. Unfortunately Pokemon red + gold are some crappy multicart things :/ You can't tell, but there's a black GBA under the GBA games. All gamegear stuff for sale - only one works (dim screen), but there's around 20 games.

That gamecube has a custom paint job (ehhh) but it also has a region switch mod. 2 wavebirds, one receiver. N64 controller had a loose stick, but I repaired it yesterday with a junk controller I had.

And then I got to the bottom of the large bin I bought...! I have almost all of these, so they're up for grabs. DK64 I'm bundling with a N64 I have with the exp pack, turok I'm bundling together, Goldeneye, Mario 64, Mario Party 1 (x2), Mario Party 2, Mario Party 3, Pokemon Snap, Zelda OOT, Zelda MM, and Smash are all for sale...I'm doing my best to save them for retro game con, but money talks. 

Heres hoping for a similar flow all summer. June is off to a pretty OK start...check out my instagram or wait until the next update. Thanks for reading guys! 

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