Wednesday, March 25, 2015

'tis the season

I went to my first yardsale and found a handful of games...I guess it's about that time of year. So, I'll be doing more frequent updates (they're much more interesting this time of year than my personal collection additions) so stick around! Could be weekly, could be monthly. I've taken a few pics of my updated collection...sorta like a "before" and "after" deal. Since I'm close to filling both of the shelves I have, I wanted to see my progress. Plus, some highlights from my instagram page.

Thanks for sticking with me through the boring winter. This year was especially awful (coldest February on record by multiple degrees in Syracuse!)...send me some positive vibes for some good finds this year!!!!

Just a photo I took and liked.

Got this sweet '96 coil force carded Raph. I'd been on the lookout for this one loose and it was carded for the same price.

Grabbed this on Radioshacks 80% off sale for like $150. If I stop posting it's because my neighbors finally snapped and called the cops. This thing beats up my house haha. 

Quakehold. Grabbed this for only $4 or something and it was enough to hold everything with more than half of it leftover. Works VERY well. Highly recommended. Available via Lowes and Amazon...and probably other places. 

Joined the Bomit sticker are my first two packs. Awesome purchase. 

My Playstation stuff, as of now.

Dunnys, as of now.

Comics and Raph collection, as of now (carded ones are hanging up).

Nintendo/Sega shelf as of now.

Collectors editions and Mad L collection (closeups of Mad L stuff on my instagram)

Second dunny shelf I had to build haha.

TMNT vinyl.

Thanks again, and keep an eye out for updates! As always, instagram is your most up-to-date place to see my stuff for sale and recent pickups - @315retro 

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