Saturday, January 3, 2015

Oh yeah, that blog I do. Happy New Year!

It's that time of year where I just don't have much to post. Thrift stores in my area are terrible, I don't have any nearby flea markets and the nearest garage sale date isn't until May. I pass on estate sales unless they're nearby. This results in a lapse of new stuff to show ya...except for what I buy and trade myself. Which isn't as interesting.

Got myself the fairly disappointing Little Big Planet 3. It just wasn't as good, man. I had high hopes, but I didn't even finish the final level due to ragequitting.

This on the other hand was exactly as great as I had hoped.

Gamestop had a buy 2 get 1 thing. Splatterhouse was good, except it had some frustrating controls. Excellent soundtrack. House of the Dead I started today and is fantastic so far. The rest are in the backlog.

Wolfenstien was great - well worth $20. Tales I haven't started on yet.

Raph has always been my favorite turtle, and this was one of my favorite Raphs. Got it cheap. Yes the hands are wrong but I like it kinda. Better than stumps, right?

Paper Plastick had a really good sale, but their shipping is fucked up. It adds like $5 for everything you put in your cart. A big ass piece of vinyl for only $12 (well, $6 for me.)

A buddy of mine had this and Lamestop wouldn't take it on a trade, so I made him an offer. It wasn't exactly on my list, but I'm happy to have it.

Overlord I found for like $3, Pokemon I found when I was cleaning.

You guys remember Bucky O Hare? I bought this when I was kinda drunk. No regrets.

This here was my Reddit Gifts exchange. SO good.

Finished the Kidrobot Ooze Action set. Because reasons.

This was really cool. I bought a Fuku Box with the Spanky Stokes name on it. It was a random assortment. A lot of people were disappointed...but not me. I somehow managed to pull the Devious chase out of the box. Luck was on my side.

Xmas gifts. The Wolf Among is is probably in the top 5 games last year IMO.

3 more from a G2G1 free at gamestop.

The Loyal Subjects TMNT set is too good. Easily outdoes Kidrobot and Funko. These are a gamestop exclusive set, colors based on turtles in time. They came windowboxed rather than blind, and at $13 each (either way), I wanted to make sure I got all 4 the first time.

I guess this is my last picture. This was a trade for that stuffed Donatello I found last summer. I guess I'm collecting Raphs now...

I post much more on my instagram, including contests and moves much quicker there. @315retro ...I have started a 365 day photo challenge thing...I dunno, I'm 3 days in and already almost forgot twice.

Stay up 2015...hopefully we all find some good shit this year!

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