Monday, September 29, 2014

Updates slacking a bit...season more or less over :C

So we're rapidly approaching that sad, sad time of year more yard sales. I think this is probably one of the last weekends with any significant numbers of sales...and then I'm done. It really really blows, but there are a few random flea markets, rummage sales and thrift stores to hold me over. They're just really few and far between. Aside from my web shopping...I probably won't have many more finds until next April or so. I hate even having to type that. 

To keep my blog interesting and keep a flow of traffic during those months...I'll be doing lets plays, reviews of games, and something I like to call "Wicked Toy Wednesday" where I post some info on a toy line I've learned about in my last year of selling toys. I keep very few, but I've learned a lot. Anyway...

Oh, potentially NSFW picture below. It's not really a big deal, but whatever. I feel a responsibility to warn you.

This was one of the more interesting days of my life. I picked up all the games (and the movie) for $1 each, but what was really shocking was the playboys. I was at the dump dropping off a couch when a dude pulled up with "1000 playboy magazines" on a trailer for recycling. I laughed my ass off, but took a box before he dumped them. It makes me wonder what kind of treasures people drop off every day. Magazines have all been sold, games added to collection.

A weak weekend. All Genesis BOXES for sale (with about 10 other boxes I have if you're interested), the Mario thing is a neat DS case, the Skylander I bought for $7 because I didn't have a giant one. I really can't wait until those things are hitting yard sales...I'll have to catch 'em all haha.

This was actually a flea market I visited. It's a yearly was awesome. We don't really have any weekly flea markets nearby, so it was a bit overwhelming for me! All for sale except giant Don. The Marvel dude is in a huge Marvel lot I have for $25 shipped.

Flea market part 2. Copped Marvel vs Street Fighter for $2.50!!!!! All figures are for sale except Gumby. The Power Rangers have been sold, the Marvel dude is in my Marvel box I have for sale. All others are open for offers.

Found a fresh box of Mario K'nex at my Walmart, grabbed the ones I wanted based on the codes online ;)

These were trades and purchases. I'm currently playing through Paper Mario since I never had. I really like it, maybe in my top 3 N64 games!

Went to Toys R Us for the World of Nintendo stuff...only found Diddy Kong. Bought some Trash Pack dudes to make it seem like less of a wasted trip. They're neat...I'll have a write up for my Wicked Toy Wednesday on them.

PS1 lot I scored...FF8 for sale, but disc 3 might be scratched beyond play. $8 shipped.

A SNES I found...already sold.

And finally, these...because I got sick of going to sale after sale and not finding anything I wanted to buy. I pass on these books very frequently. I decided I'm gonna try to get a complete set of them. I think I could find a full set by the end of next summer.

So yeah, there's that stuff...there's a rummage sale this Friday, but I'm not holding my breath. Kidrobot had a wicked sale (2.50 per box) on their 2014 dunny series, so I ordered a case. I'll be posting that up here in its entirety and one pic per night on facebook...

Thanks for reading y'all...please stick around and watch my videos as I post them...I'm gonna be going crazy without any sales to go to x.x

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