Monday, September 1, 2014

Small week, to be expected.

After last weeks jackpot I really don't care if I don't find much for the rest of the year. I'm more than happy with my finds of the summer. I did find one thing I've been really looking for, but not a quantity of stuff.

First up, I got this Kidrobot Don from a buddy of mine who didn't want it from his lootcrate. That leaves 4 I'll have to end up buying haha. KR is having an 80% off sale at the moment actually, but of course these were one of the few items excluded.

I don't like the look of the new turtles for the most part, but I like wizards and barbarians too much to pass up. I'll probably get Mike (an archer) and Leo (a knight) too, just because reasons.

Grabbed this on instagram because it was cheap...makes my 95th PS1 game. Unless I buy a bunch at one place (likely) I'll try to make my 100th game something special.

And this glorious bastard. I've always wanted one of these with a screen. I had a PSone already but the screen and console and stuff with it was only $10 so I just got both. I have an extra PSOne now...$20 shipped with hookups and a controller and a memory card if anyone is interested.

And then this...the GBA might be broken, no battery cover either. It was 75 cents, so whatever. Got the EWJ comics and was sad I only got 2 of the 3 but the one I got doubles of was the final issue and sells for like $20+, so at least I can sell it and buy number 2. Asking $12's not in excellent condition, but it's readable and not ripped or yellowed. Does have some folds and spine wear. I don't try to grade comics. Everyone is too goddamn picky, but if you're really picky, I'd say its FN at best. Got a dent in the cover (not a rip, a dent...idfk what you'd call it).

And then I spent the remainder of my money at the NYS fair. So that's why I'm short on stuff this week :/ Next week I'll have a new custom media shelf, and maybe even a post detailing how I went about building it on the (extreme) cheap. There's a sale today for the long weekend...but it's about a half hour one way away from me...I'm not sure if it's worth it. Although I did see some PS1 games in their craigslist ad...and I AM trying to get #100...

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