Monday, August 25, 2014

Third jackpot this summer...

Man, I am really grateful for the finds I've had this summer...I would have been happy had I not had another huge score like I did this weekend. I found one house with "30 years of accumulation". The lady had a son my age who left all his stuff. It was priced to sell...$.50-$1 per baggie. I left the house with 2 garbage bags packed full for a price of under $30...I'm still sorting through it. A lot of this hasn't even hit instagram yet, simply because I haven't priced it and or don't know exactly what it is. As always, feel free to shoot me an email with any purchase inquiry...if not, keep an eye on my instagram (@315retro) for the sale pics, and eventually my ebay (oisterboyxx) for what I can't unload elsewhere...but it'll be a while before the stuff trickles down there.

Let's get to it...

A DS that didn't come from that house, but I'm faaaaaaaar too lazy to re-order all these pics. Sorry. Comes with Mario Party DS and that case, and a charger, and a car charger. $40 shipped in the USA!

Street sharks from that house. Ripster sold, the other two (boxed) are up for grabs...looking for $25 each or $40 for the pair.

Random PVC stuff, Smurfs from the 70's! Looking for $28 shipped for the lot.

MOTU He-Man steez. I have no idea why he's blue. I think I'll keep the blue one...I dunno, about price.

Mighty Ducks, for sale. Cycle has box, but I dunno about handlebars. Looking for...$30 shipped?

Not for sale score from that house...except Metal Gear and Syphon Filter 3...$12 for the pair shipped. Complete.

This stuff wasn't from that house either. I got them for a quarter each...I figure I'll use them in my house until one of my drunk friends gets mad at how ugly ET is and breaks them. Return of the Jedi for sale tho - $10 shipped. I'll toss in Alf if I still have him.

Mighty Max lot...also "ZBots" thing which will be sold separately. Got some more MM stuff I'll be bundling, keep an eye on instagram.

VR Troopers, one Power Ranger and some kinda bug borgs or something...taking offers, but I have to look into these a little better before they're up for sale. Again, will be on instagram.

Marvel part 1. Will be combo'd with the later part 2 pic when it's for sale.

Rando lot. Some kinda Tarzan things, and bootlegs or unrecognizable stuff.

Old school transformer, some mechs, looks like the Crypt Keeper, Thundercats bootleg (I think).

Gem of the whole house...this is an "early release" variant box of the GG...the box sold not long ago without the system or game for $50...asking $70 shipped. Simpsons game is complete, looking for $25 shipped? Something like that.

Ghostbusters gold...I'm keeping Slimer. The purple ghost, the blue ghost, the toilet and the trap are all spoken for. Otherwise for sale. A few complete. Will be on instagram after the original sale goes down.

Marvel and a few DC part 2...will be a bundle thing on instagram. IDK enough about this stuff yet.

Randoms, I don't know what these are from. Any ideas? They're from the same set, whatever it may be.

Transformer, gundam, mechs, IDK.

This is an incredibly rare figure from 1987 Bandai...unfortunately all the stickers are pretty much gone. It sells for like $200 on ebay. I'll do $40 shipped on this. If you don't know what it is, you probably don't want it, right?

I think this show was called Beast Wars? I dunno. I can't figure out how to morph these suckers.

More randoms...Zbots there, some kinda Soma pirates, and those pink MUSCLE wrestler dudes. Will be splitting into lots.

Random wrestlers...$15 shipped. They're 2" PVC.

Hasbro (I think) made these...dunno what they are. Any insight is appreciated.

GI Joe lot. Again, I dunno enough about these to sell them yet.

A few weeks ago find...Oddyssey 2 is BEAUTIFUL condition. Has a bunch of game manuals too...complete and awesome. I don't have any games to test it unfortunately. The TV was $5 and makes the third TV in my bar/mancave/bedroom now. Xbox mom saw and wants to give me for xmas since she never knows what to get me...OK mom. Thats the same DS from above with a gross peeling skin on it.

Just learned they make stoked to collect them. Mario K'nex.

Copped 2 blinds from the set and this House of Leaves book (it's really good!)

Got my lootcrate which I forgot to picture, but this Mikey Kidrobot figure was in it...trying to get the rest now.

Got a full set of labels for my N64 collection...$20 on I really want the rest of the N64 set. Yes all of it...

6 Gun Gorilla run from Boom comics. #1 signed.

Walking Dead (all caught up!)

And there you have it. So overwhelming. I also got a touch screen Dell Studio One 19 all in one PC for $1. I'm typing from it. They couldn't figure out how to get rid of the BIOS password...I'm now educated in the CMOS switch inside computers ;) Working 100%...I'm so stoked to have this. It's awesome.

Drop me an email if interested...instagram or facebook...I'm not a hard guy to contact! :P Thanks, keep it real guys!

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