Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Biker Mice, Ninja Turtles, Zelda, randoms

A couple TMNT comics...brings my count up to 30 I believe. I'm missing a few in between though.

2 Earthworm Jim figures...I couldn't resist. I got them carded but opened them. Sacrileg. From

Got these in a trade from

Got rid of my Mega Man cart for NES and ended up buying this collection. It's simpler and still a physical copy. Opens up my collection for more potential, ya know? I'm not a huge MM fan anyway admittedly. Adventure Time 30 catches me up until the end of this month.

Two big ones off my checklist. Trade thanks goes to

Kidrobot had a sale, got 2 Futurama Series 2 blinds...Roberto is a chase I think!

Untested Atari 2600. It has cables but I can't figure out how to attach them to my TV. Has 22 games I think. $40 shipped if anyone wants to take the chance.

Stuffed Pokemon lot. Will be hitting ebay soon.

TMNT! OMG! I had a Mikey that was big like that, and I think all the smaller stuffed ones. I found these about 20 minutes before seeing the movie last Friday (7/10 IMO).

Copped these at 50 cents each. Read the first two volumes, loving it so far. Will be picking up the rest sooner than later.

Power Rangers figure for sale...$12 shipped in USA. Check instagram for sold status.

This lot including OMFGWUTGRIMFANDANGOGUIDE. I'm stupidly excited to have found that. COD for trophies, Game Genie book because it was 50 cents.

Turtles in Time trade! Only missing Hyperstone Heist now. Got in a trade on Nintendo Age.

Random dinosaur, Biker Mouse from Mars, Barney vinyl toy ($8 shipped). Also found that PS3 controller for 50 cents haha. Still looking to trade black for another color besides blue or black! Message me - if you're interested...I'll pay for shipping.

Got these 3 off my list, total of $3. Stoked. Resident Evil isn't rare, but it has taken me FOREVER to find it. Sonofabitch. Finally got it, now I just need 1 and 3.

And in conclusion, a little experiment I did. I built a ghetto style light box...cut out the top and sides of a box, covered in tissue paper, has a piece of poster board at a gentle slope inside, regular desk lamps outside the tissue paper windows. Provided for some very professional looking photos, I couldn't be happier with my results. Got these Labbits from the Kidrobot sale too.

Community garage sale this weekend, but I'm not holding my breath. Its in a bizarre place.

Currently playing Hohokum and Crysis 3. Got COD:MW3 on deck. Fez on hold for the time being.

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