Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Meh, new stuff. Jurassic Park get.

Not a ton of good stuff, but here it is -

"Villians" lootcrate. Super sweet Joker poster print, Rocket Raccoon lootcrate limited variant cover, villians DVD, 'Vader keychain, Bowser magnet, Joki (Loki + Joker) shirt, Deadpool socks (which unfortunately don't fit my size 13 feet).

Few game pickups...

Bought this pachinko machine. It needs a lot more balls to operate. I bought it as broken, but with some little tweaking it started working. I'm excited to try it out with the 250+ balls it's supposed to have instead of the 9 I have now haha.

Big ass Godzilla and some Wii games. Mario Galaxy for sale - $12 shipped!

I don't generally count these in my "comics" collection, but I guess that they do. I have almost 20 unique ones of these now :]

Big ole Jurassic Park set. So big...gonna be a bitch to ship. Pending a trade for some N64 stuff.

And POGS. Remember these? I kept a few and sold the rest.

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