Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Woah! Long overdue!

My bad! I haven't updated in so long. I have been posting a LOT over on instagram, but not everyone has that, so I'll still be doing periodic updates here...I have bought and sold a lot of stuff, here is what I've had. A lot of this is sold, what I didn't have/wanted I kept though. Couple new rad PS1 additions...and some signed turtles gear! Grabbed a bunch more of the TMNT comics and started reading the IDW series (which I absolutely love by the way)...just check out these photos for now...and follow me on instagram for sales and much quicker updates - @315retro

One of my favorite PS1 games finally off the list.

That's the rare "audiophile" PS1...for sale on my ebay account. Mario Kart was $1 haha.

Scooped this random box of comics for $ gems, but I've at least made my money back on it and kept 1 or 2.

Comic and Fugitoid figure box both signed by the legendary Mr. Peter Laird

These were on clearance for $2 each from Toys R Us.

Random Bart I couldn't just leave sitting...might get the rest of the family this weekend (its a flea market, they're always there in a big box)

Got the OG turtles to display with my Funko ones...will probably continue the trend and get the OG run for all Funko (turtles) figures I buy.

Few random TMNT Adventures comics...should have 1-20 by the end of this week. IDW volume 1 from a reddit gifts exchange. I have volume 2 and 3 as well...getting the others ASAP! I'm in love with this series, and I'll probably do a little review on it soon.

Random garage sale finds. COD sold, the rest I'm keeping.

$1 each finds, so rad. Megaman and Custom Robo sold, Lugis Mansion on ebay (case swap with my shitty copy) and keeping the rest.

Traded for these...mostly wanted Fugitoid, but got the others because...why not?

For anyone interested McDonalds has the Mario Kart toys on the right (there are 8 total). You don't have to eat the rancid food to get them, they're like $2 each. Or just buy all of them on ebay for $20.

Rando lot of Bakugan I grabbed for $5. On sale for $20 shipped.

Finally, this box. I packed it with random extras I had around and it's getting given away Friday on my instagram. Go like the picture.

Thanks y'all. Sorry its taken me so long...I've just been really favoring instagram haha. When the season slows down (:C) I'll be posting more game streams and what not...for now, I'm enjoying outdoors and garage sales.


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