Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Trying my best to keep up with updating here too, since I still get quite a few views per day...someone is looking, so I'm not moving to just instagram. Besides, once the garage sale season comes to its tragic conclusion, I'll need to post here more often anyway...

An early Thursday morning sale proved pretty awesome ^

Got a counterfeit NECA Don. Ordering the set ASAP because they're fucking amazing.

Got the 3 controllers for $1 each...yes, they're DS3. Thank jeebus, I needed some new controllers. The PSP are both for sale, silver one is currently sold. Black comes with a 2gb memory card. No charger, and has a scratch on the screen, but if you're not picky it's an OK player.

Couple randoms I grabbed, $1 each. Beer was OK...I prefer a maltier brew.

Stone Protector and Madball sold, foot soldier for me, cat stole the hippo.

Rad old school lunchbox. One from 1980, not a remake...Saturday after I missed a huge game lot in my own neighborhood. I was devastated.

I'm a sucker for these niche game collectors editions, and it was $20 new.

Scoped out some thrift stores, didn't get much...too picked over.

And some really dope posters I got from my friend milligangames on Nintendo Age. I highly suggest checking him out...these 2 were only $15 shipped, you can get any print you like if its a high resolution. I plan on getting the other turtles games sooner than later.

Oh man! An early Thursday morning scoop! Funnily enough, I hit this sale as a time killer before the one I really wanted to go to. It was a grandma who had it in her house from the grandkids...goes to show, you can never ever skip a sale by spying it from the road. You never know who will have something awesome. Keeping all except the top row (which I already have) and Killer Instinct Gold (because it's a semi-hot game that I couldn't care less about). Also replacing my boring old N64 with this snazzy colorfied one. 2 copies of Mario Kart ($23 shipped each), one copy of Ocarina of Time ($18 shipped) are left for sale...the rest are sold or are in my collection (55 N64 games now!)

Package from my homie Dr. Gonzo at ETC Toys  ...check him out and buy some of his moai heads. They look awesome :]

Backpack was $10 at Walmart...I couldn't pass it up. Random baggies of toys I grabbed in a box after a day of not even finding a single video game x.x

Random squat Star Wars figures...going on ebay shortly, please hit me up if you'd like to make an offer first. I'm thinking $20 shipped.

Marvel group from the baggies...already sold.

Rando Star Wars lot...looking to sell, I'm gonna say $25 shipped for my buddies reading this. Hitting ebay next week so get on it.

Finally got Stick of Truth. Beat it really quickly...will probably run through again soon to get the platinum. Worth every dollar.

And finally a "mystery crate" from lootcrate. Aka "we couldn't get rid of this stuff so we're having a sale". I grabbed it, I think it was $14. I was kinda disappointed, but that Jazz figure is actually a chase variant and 1/48, so it made the whole box worth it. He's $25 shipped and hitting ebay next week as well...

Thanks for reading. Almost the weekend again, and I see ~20 sales listed. Lets hope for something good. One mentioned a "barely used PS3 slim", but I don't think they're in the affordable zone for me just yet. If I can cop it for like $50 I'll have a second one...but if not, I'm gonna pass.

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