Monday, June 9, 2014

New stuff update...a light weekend.

I got a bunch of new stuff, but no real decent video game finds. I did however meet a guy at a garage sale who took my name and number down...apparently his son has "all the TMNT stuff in the basement still sealed". He said they need to get rid of it soon...maybe nothing will come of it, but it's an exciting possibility for sure.

TMNT board game (not very complete, it was $1  and I bought it to hang up since I love the box art), and the rest. NSMB Wii is $15 shipped if anyone is interested!

A figure from Funko Spastik Plastik line I think. I just really like the monkey assassin line. Unfortunately I can't find many more of these online.

At my best friends lawn sale...Gameboy is sold, PS2 comes with a bunch of games and stuff - $45 shipped. Nothing spectacular, but Spyro and Ape Escape are included (disc only). Fallout NV collectors guide. It's hard cover! :D

All caught up on comics again. Waiting for Boom! to ship my Adventure Time subscription...ugh, probably won't subscribe again. They're not very good at keeping up with it.

Won an ebay auction for this...never played this series!

Probably my favorite addition. A mini 10-Doh figure! I'll probably go crazy with these soon...I see it coming.

And my new Funko Pop figures. Yeah, I went kinda overboard.

I'm doing a lot of selling on instagram...@315retro if you're interested!

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