Saturday, May 31, 2014

HUGE Garage Sale Find

I'm skipping over a few weeks worth of stuff here to post todays find. I would go out on a limb here and say this might be the very best find I've ever had...although my Saturn find last year gives this a run...I grabbed over 50 games for various systems today, along with a boxed Sega Saturn! I'm still in shock at this find, what a great start to my summer.

I should mention that all of these are currently untested...although I'm sure it won't be much of an issue. I haven't checked to make sure all the discs are in the boxes either actually...(although I made sure Mr. Bones was in there ;) )

23 NES games, 2 SNES -

Burger Time
Double Dragon
Jordan vs Bird
Super C
Super Mario 2
Double Dribble
Cobra Command
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
NFL (?)
ADVENTURE ISLAND 3 (my favorite!)
T & C Surf Design
Simpsons Bart / Radioactive Man (been looking!)
Cobra Triangle
Donkey Kong 3
Super Mario 3
Excite Bike
Tiger Heli

Super Street Fighter 2
Stunt Race FX

Sega Smash Pack Vol 1

Wii Nights journey of dreams

World Series Baseball
Worldwide Soccer 98
Virtual Open Tennis
Baku Baku
Mr. Bones

OG 20GB iPod (untested)

Pac Man

Perfect Dark
Diddy Kong Racing
Mortal Kombat Sub Zero
Wave Race 64
Banjo Tooie
Pilot Wings 64
Excite Bike 64
Super Man 64
Elmo something something
Wheel of Fortune (god I have this for like 9 systems now)
Cruisin USA

My mom grabbed this (haha she went to the sale with me). OG DS, case, 3 game cases, Nintendogs, Club Penguin and Mario 64 DS...she wants me to sell it for her, so this will be up for sale.

There are a few memory cards there, notably a Soul Reaver special edition PS1 memory card. NEAT. Can't find much on this but I haven't had time.

Tetris, Pokemon Card Game, and I'm 99.9% sure that's Pokemon Crystal without a label. I don't think any other games used that specific shell.

A boxed Dreamcast! I've never had a Dreamcast, and I was actually really hoping I'd find one. I didn't imagine I'd find one in the box though. WHAT A FIND!

An assortment of random Star Wars toys. These will be up for sale when I get around to a lot to do this weekend.

And finally, I'll just put the other stuff I've gotten and neglected to upload here in this same post...since I'm here, ya know?

Got this Pikmin 3 poster from my Gamestop power up points!

A bunch of new Funko Pop! figures...I got the exclusives first. A whole bunch more coming in the mail.

WHEW. Keep an eye on my facebook page ( as well as on instagram (@315retro) for when I decide to put this stuff up for sale. It'll be some time next week I'd imagine.

Thanks for looking!

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