Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New Stuff! 5.14.14

It's been a while...I've been pretty busy with the weather being as beautiful as it is. Grabbed some new stuff I wanted to share...

First, I'm now caught up on my Adventure Time comics. I bought a subscription directly from Boom! Studios to get through number 30 sent directly to my mailbox as it releases. They're kinda sketchy on providing info and details, so I'm a little concerned about getting them...but we'll see.

Next up, I grabbed a few Mardivale dunnys from Kidrobot. Mardivale is a mixture of Mardi Gras and Carnivale...I wasn't too keen on this series so I decided to buy peoples doubles rather than buy a whole case and deal with a bunch of designs I didn't like. Someone on the forums was letting them go for $3 each, which was cheaper than just buying the single one I wanted most. Here are the 3 I ended up getting from him. These are by Andrew Bell and Scribe. There is one remaining dunny I'd like from the series...a skeleton voodoo style bone guy who is pretty dope looking. I'm sure I'll get him eventually and post it here.

And this is another good garage sale score! The PS2 slim and games were in a bag for $10. It works and I'm stoked to replace my old fattie with it because it takes up far less shelf space. Guitar Hero there was $1, I believe it's complete? Sonic was 50 cents...couldn't just leave it. Guardians Crusade actually came from eBay and was $10. One of my first RPG's and a favorite of mine. Very underrated by most, I'm considering making it my first Let's Play RPG...we'll see where that goes!

And finally...this. I found this guy in a completely random box (filled with cat toys) that was hidden in my house. My jaw literally dropped when I found it and I was speachless for a minute or two. I've been looking for this for the last 5 or 6 years, and I had written it off as something that was thrown away long ago. This was a promotional item for my favorite game of all time - Grim Fandango. I have tried to do some research on it, but I didn't come up with much. I'm not sure if it was a developers promo item, or something given away with the first edition of the game. Either way I was completely shocked to find it. One just sold (like 2 days after I found it) for over $100 on ebay. I don't think I can let mine go...but I'd consider it if I found someone who I know would love it.

And hey...I have instagram now I guess. @315retro. I've used it to sell a few toys and probably where most of my action figure sales will be happening from now on. Give me a follow if you like. There is also a giveaway I'm hosting at the 'bots from my extras. Simply like my post on either instagram or facebook (or both) to be entered into the giveaway.

Thanks for reading! I have a few Funko Pop! exclusives I bought before the price on them skyrocketed. I've slept on them this long, and they're already almost in the range of "no thanks, forget it" for me. Should be here next week!

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