Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fear of a Bot Planet

Which of the following would you prefer? 
A. a puppy; 
B. a flower from your sweetie; or 
C. a large, properly formatted data file? 

Who doesn't like robots? Robophobics. Which is very unfair. Robots are people too. I don't know where I'm going with this. Anyway, I grabbed this case of 'bots from kidrobot. It's variations of their mascots packed in a blind box style. I've never liked these all THAT much (they don't have the adorable charm dunnys do) but at 50 cents a box, I was all too happy to put them on my shelf underneath the dunnys I have.

There are the odds. Looks like the dude with the bag on his head is the chase for this set...and unfortunately my favorite as well. I'm typing this up and saving it as a draft before I open all of maybe just maybe I'll end up getting him. I've opened two so far.

And the rest shortly after:

(the bear with the booze is my favorite I think)

(nice theme with the tagger!) 

(as a fan of punk music I LOVE  the Circle Jerks reference haha).

And there you have it...I didn't get the paper bag dude. No big deal. If I find him cheap on the forums I'll grab it to finish the set up. I got a lot of doubles and even some triples...

I'm doing a "share this picture" giveaway on my facebook page, anyone can enter as long as they've also liked my page...- . Thank you and good luck with winning. There'll be 6 winners, so that's some pretty good odds. 1/10 if everyone who is a fan of my page shares. 

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