Saturday, May 3, 2014

First GOOD garage sale of the year! :)

After an early morning of disappointment and mediocrity yesterday, I gave in and bought some stuff at Gamestop. They had a Buy 2 Get 1 under $20 deal so I grabbed these 3 PS3 games. Scribblenauts I found at a garage sale for $2. They had a lot of cool chickens running around.

Then this morning I was bent on not giving up...I drove to a big sale that is run on donations. It funds scholarships for high school students in the town or something, and everyone donates stuff. I waited in line for about 30 minutes. Last year I grabbed a PS2 with a lot of games (including all the Crash Bandicoot games) for $50. I got in and immediately saw this box of NES games. I grabbed it real quick. It didn't have a price, so the lady said "$5". Sold. 

The following are new additions to my collection:

So most of that haul was new to me! I'm in the process of cleaning them up. I'm super excited to have some new NES games. I never find NES games haha. I have a few of these that are extras which are now for trade/sale. Check out my facebook page for more info on that -

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  1. Scribblenauts was sweet! Also Ghosts and Goblins and Ninja Gaiden are cool pickups.