Saturday, January 4, 2014

Some winter time finds!

I'm saving this post for a few days until the thing I've been waiting for arrives in the mail, but I stopped into a thrift store (I rarely go by one to check) and found a few PS1 games for $.79 each...hooboy. Crash Bandicoot will be up for sale, since I already have it. I also found this Secret Squirrel (which has been my name on my personal Gmail account for a LONG time haha) for $5 at a clearance store... I couldn't let it sit there. The Mario thing is a DS case. The Gameboy my dad gave me and told me to sell it for whatever I could get for it...I'll be holding onto it for a while I think.

Such a refreshing feeling to find these in the dead of garage sales this time of year, I start to get a bit of cabin fever and go a little crazy. Finding these today really reminded me why I love doing what I do...and now I can't WAIT for April!

And, this came in!

Tsuchi by DGPH. I really liked the DGPH Dunny from the 2013 Sideshow series (I believe it was the last one I posted from my case unboxing).

Tsuchi is Father Earth, the oldest god and wisest being that has ever lived. Seated on his throne in the planet's core, he rules the seas and the land, surrounded by his little minions. His upper half controls all the nice good things that happen in the world, while his bottom half rules the mysterioius dark side. The energy caused by the friction of his internal struggle keeps the planet on its rotation. As long as both sides keep up the fight, life will continue its natural course.

There is the quote from the trampt page for this particular toy. It was a limited run of 150, my says 049 on it - I'm not sure if that is the production number or what serial was assigned to this particular piece. There is also a silver one (150) and a blue one (500). I grabbed this one because I really like the style and the little story assigned to it is kinda neat. I'll probably pick up the other colors at some point. And with that, my shelf is all but what?

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