Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 - First Week of new additions!!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone has a great one! I'm up to my knees in snow, so I haven't been able to get out and do much very lately...this is the time of year I start to go just a little bit crazy...and I've got until March (at the earliest!) until I can go outside without freezing...
At any rate, here I am in 2014 with a brand new addiction I had never really planned on starting...KidRobot, goddamn you. Actually, I haven't spent much since the Black Friday sale - I traded for almost all of this stuff (spent ~$20 total on a few things) is my latest additions (sans Pokemon White 2 I scored for $17)...

I'll start with the Holidape by MAD. I guess each year KR does a holiday themed toy with a chase. I just grabbed this on a whim, but if its an annual release I'll probably get it each year. This came at a 4/5 ratio, the 1/5 being a silver/blue Chanukah variant. It was cool, but I didn't feel like searching it out. I grabbed this for like $4 because people had so many looking for the chase.

Next up, Futurama. Fry and Zapp. I somehow managed to get doubles of Leela and Nibbler before finding these 2 but I got these through a trade with a rad local dude I met on the KR forums (traded Zombie Marge for these 4 figures). Fry has a pizza box, Zapp has his Big Book of War.

Here are the remaining 1/16 figures, which means I'm only missing the chases...Sal I see regularly fairly cheap, but Slurms and Robot Devil are going to elude me. I'll probably just get the 6" robot devil and be satisfied, but I'll have to figure out something else for Slurms...hoping I happen across something uncommon enough to trade for him eventually.

Here we have a Dunny by Nasty, and by Secretlab from the French series. I liked the one by Nasty (on the left) because of the graffiti stylings, and the other was just one I picked at random.

This is Steven Harringtons Dunny from series 5. I really liked the design, and I really enjoy the coloring on this. It is difficult to tell in the picture, but it is pretty neat in person.

Uamou from the Ye Olde English series. 2:25. I like the design.

Finally, Vacho (left) and Chato (right) from Azteca 2. I didn't really like many of these, save the chase, but I liked Chato quite a bit. a pretty awesome accessory and I like how they made the smoke look pretty real. Vacho I just grabbed because it was cheap and I like the robot-ish future style look.

As always, please like my facebook page to stay updated - and I haven't forgotten the contest I promised. I actually got the Dunny I'll be giving away for it today as well...but he isn't pictured ;)

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