Friday, January 31, 2014

Recent Pickups!

I just had to open with my favorite addition to my vinyl thus far! I found this trio on eBay for only $45 shipped! As you might know, I already had the black one so I now have an extra. It is either for trade/sale, or will be part of a future giveaway from me :] I'm super psyched to have these. DGPH is my favorite studio in the scene, and their stuff is somewhat difficult to come by. These look GREAT! Along with Tsuchi comes a cute story wrapping him into the Topo universe -

"Tsuchi is Father Earth, the oldest god and wisest being that has ever lived. Seated on his throne in the planet's core, he rules the seas and the land, surrounded by his little minions. His upper half controls all the nice good things that happen in the world, while his bottom half rules the mysterious dark side. The energy caused by the friction of his internal struggle keeps the planet on its rotation. As long as both sides keep up the fight, life will continue its natural course."


Aside from them, it was a light week. My phone screen finished shattering, and I bought a Valentines gift, so it pretty much wiped out my funds (for the next 2 weeks as well actually...) But I get this -

I must say Jay is a LOT better than Silent Bob. I wasn't going to buy many (any) more of these after I was disappointed by Silent Bob but I couldn't just have one half of a duo like that.

Still waiting on a bunch of comics that got misdirected to California...

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