Sunday, January 26, 2014

A few new things!

Alright! A little bit of an overhaul on the facebook page...and one coming here within the next week. I got a few new things I thought you guys might enjoy seeing.

Caught up on some of my comics...although the new ones have released since my ordering. Walking Dead on the way...can't WAIT to get caught up with that! Not sure I'll be bothering getting Candy Capers individual releases...probably will just wait for the paperback. I might be having a giveaway for this in the coming weeks.

Slept on this Adventure Time Spooktacular Halloween release. Ended up copping the 1:15 variant for only $.50 more than the regular one, so it was worth the wait I guess.

Stopped in Barnes and Nobel and saw a few boxes. Couldn't leave without something so I grabbed one of these. They are "mini", but its a little larger than I thought it might be. I'm going to try to have someone grab me a box of the new series at the release party in NYC and get it signed by the man Kozik himself...will update with that!

While I was out I grabbed one of these at Michaels. It was only $20 or something after the coupons I had. It had glass in the front, but I opted to leave it off so I can switch out what I have in there. No real order to it...just my favorite Dunnys out of what I have. I'm sure it'll be changing as I get more :]

Finally, a picture of my newly decorated shelf. The other side is similar...I have some additional plans for this, so I didn't get a 360 view.

Some new things on the horizon...testing my own artistic ability shortly...if things go smoothly, there will be pics for some GREAT things coming in the mail too...stay tuned!

Check out the new facebook look too -

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