Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stuff for sale!

OK, so I'm getting kinda antsy about the clutter in my gaming room. I don't have an "office" so this stuff takes up my personal space...I was going to save my stuff to sell at this years Retro Game Con...but that is 9 months away and I can't just sit on this stuff for now. I'm posting this here to eliminate having to repost it in so many different places. SOME of the prices include shipping - for those of you local to me, I'd really appreciate a pick-up, and will even consider trades local! Continental US only please and thanks! I'll clean these all up with goo-gone and magic erasers to the best of my ability before shipping! PRICES NEGOTIABLE!

Radio Shack Astro Command Tabletop - $15 works!

TMNT Poppin' Pins Bowling - $45 complete (missing one "ball"), fair condition.

All Dunnys $5 each, $17 SHIPPED for the lot!

Play It Loud Gameboy lot - $40 SHIPPED no dead pixels, includes Aladdin, Tetris, cleaning kit. INCLUDES OG clear case, although you can't see it here (sorry, its buried again) and manuals you see here. Clear case doesn't have inserts, only the manuals you see.

Turbo Grafx Carrying Case - SOLD!

Tech Deck Lot - $20 SHIPPED...some of these are really old skool. They'd look dope on display with your Dunnys or TMNT. Not looking to split them up...the Sorry deck in particular is from 199X. These were actual decks made by the big companies, but made small for fingerboards. I saved my favorites to display behind my urban toys.

TMNT Sewer Hockey - $30. This is MOSTLY complete, and from what I see it *should* be in working order. Some how all the decals fell off, but they are still in the box as you can see in pic 2. I can't guarantee anything about this, but it definitely looks really rad and I remember having a lot of fun with it.

Crash Bandicoot - $20 SHIPPED
Turok 2 - $7 SHIPPED CB, grey cart. Rough condition. Just trying to get back what I spent on it. SOLD
Nintendogs "fun packs" - $8 SHIPPED sealed. Some kinda random packs of stickers and small toys. IDK.
Pokemon GBC case - $6 SHIPPED
GBA case - $6 SHIPPED

Nibbler 3" - $5 SHIPPED

Mario Paint CIB - $25 SHIPPED rough box. Mouse, mousepad, game, instructions, OG box, foam. See the tear 2nd pic.

TMNT Pizza Toss - $25 missing bags, otherwise good condition!

Street Sharks Lot - SOLD

Smash Bros Brawl Poster - $25 SHIPPED banana for scale (lol sorry) This was a store display for Blockbuster. It is LARGE. It is made of vinyl. It has some imperfections, some tears, some paint drips...but all in all, it looks nice from a distance. Will give a thorough wipe down with some windex and goo gone.Some tack holes, but like I said, this looks nice until you get really close.

SNES Dome - $50 SHIPPED these things are fairly few and far between...I rarely EVER see them online. Everything is included. The dome has some cracks, but you can't physically FEEL that its cracked. The cracks seem to be actually inside the plastic. I know its tough to find these with the dome at all. I feel my price is fair.

TSUCHI by DGPH. These were a limited run of only 150, retailed for $50. Looking to get only $25 SHIPPED for this!

TMNT - $4 each, minus Mike + cycle, which I want $10 for...if you want the lot, I can do $30 SHIPPED.

TMNT Tournament Fighters - $17 SHIPPED for all 3. These coincided with the release of the game! Would look dope with your CIB SNES/NES games! AFAIK there wasn't a Leo release.

Cave turtles + dinos - $20 SHIPPED

Misc toys - $4 each / $15 SHIPPED for the lot - or $3 each as an add-on item with another buy.

Bravest Warriors 1 - 6 - $25 SHIPPED...comics by Penn Ward, the creator of Adventure Time! OG run, all near mint.

That's all for now! PLEASE get at me on my facebook post if you're interested in these...I'd like to give locals a shot first, because I'm lazy and hate shipping stuff. Thank you for looking - here is where you can reply to this post -

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