Monday, December 9, 2013

Kidrobot Black Friday Arrival!

Hooray! I got my Kidrobot holiday sale stuff from UPS today. They were parked and searching for a long time in the truck...just as they told me "sorry we will have to come back tomorrow if we find it", they found it. What a relief.

Everything was 60% off on the Kidrobot site for Black Friday, so I went all out and got myself this stuff. A Christmas present to my selfish self. I got the large Hypnotoad, a Simpsons blind box, and a whole case of the 2013 "Dunny" side show series.

I'll start with the obvious starting point...Hypnotoad! KR makes a lot of these larger figures, but they aren't as fun to me...knowing what you're getting isn't as fun as getting random blind boxes. And, they're much more expensive. However, since I love Futurama, I wanted to get this at half off (I believe he came to like $14?). Some of the larger figures are just large versions of those available in blind boxes, but you can't get a small version of Hypnotoad, so I felt like he was well worth that price.

His eyes have a really rad "hypno" effect (wouldn't seem right without it!) which is hard to capture in a still, I got a quick video of what I mean (10 seconds):

I also grabbed another Simpsons box. After reviewing the Simpsons sets, I noticed there were more I liked than I didn't, so I went for another to round up to free shipping. I got Willy! He was one that I wanted, so, yay! His arm was actually off when I got it, which made me sad, but it popped right back in. Here he is, next to Zombie Marge (who will be up for trade after the holiday season).

And finally, I bought a case of the 2013 Dunny series. I'm a fan of graffiti art, as I've mentioned before, and I really liked all the designs this year (some more than others of course). It was cheap enough that I got this whole case for less than I would have spent buying 6 or so of them off of eBay, so I went for it. There are a lot of people complaining about the number of doubles in these cases, but I'll just trade whatever I don't want :] I'm starting with a completely empty collection, so it'll be easy for me to find someone to trade I think!

Below are the ratios...oddly enough, the mystery figure (the camera) is right around 2 per case this time around. The demon/butterfly/whatever comes in a very hard to find black variant, and the owl comes in a hard to find red. The one in the middle of the top row seems to be fairly common, but is also my favorite of all the designs, so I don't mind!

I'm doing my best to open these one per day up through Christmas Eve (with a couple 2 per day thrown in to make the numbers work) but I doubt that'll work. I already opened 2 this afternoon haha.

First I got a white owl by Nathan Jurevicius. It isn't the more rare red colorway, but I really like owls so I don't care either way. I mentioned I enjoy all the designs, but this one was closer to the top. AND ITS FUZZY. I didn't know that from the web images.

I just had to open another (actually, I did it to try and see if I could find my case layout on google images - I didn't based on these two) and got one of the 2/20 chase figures by Cris Rose...the yellow one. I liked the yellow one best, so I'm already doing great as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, I won't be posting these daily on the blog, but I will be posting them daily to my facebook page. I'll do a lineup of what I got from this when I'm all done closer to Christmas...if you're as excited as me for that, follow me on facebook to see my daily pulls!

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