Thursday, December 5, 2013

Escape Plan Review (PS4 + Vita)

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Escape Plan was a game originally for the Vita, that was recently (Tuesday) re-released compatible with the PS4. The touch pad on the DS4 makes the game port-able ( was already "portable...") and it translates nicely over to the new hardware.

Escape Plan is unique in that it is all black and white. It really works for this game. The style is very fitting, and the inky "blood" smears in the game look neat, as opposed to your average coloring. You begin the game separate as "Lil" (who I believe is female) and meet up shortly after with "Laarg" (who is male). The duo travels through a series of puzzles designed to kill you. You're going to die in this game. A lot. The first time I played on the Vita, I had both characters dead over 99 times each. This time around, about 30. The puzzles are fun and challenging, rarely frustrating. I didn't find myself having to look up things too often the first time through, and even months later I was able to play through based on my memory of the game.

Lil and Laarg both have different abilities - Lil can inflate herself, Laarg can break through thin walls and floors. I kinda feel like explaining a puzzle game really takes away from it, so I made a few videos of the gameplay and I plan on leaving it at that. The videos speak much clearer than I can for this game. I'm planning on doing a complete "Lets Play" for this as I finish up my 3-Stars per level playthough.

The only thing I feel a need to mention is that I preferred it on the Vita just a little bit. It won't make much difference if you haven't already played it on the Vita...probably none at all. The dual touch screens of the handheld version allow for a "pinch" action that is replaced in the PS4 version. Its not a huge deal by any means, but it was a little quirk I missed this time. Some of the level names are funnier on the Vita, whereas they don't make much sense on the PS4. Regardless, the game is a ton of fun. I believe it has a $15 price mark? I'd say that is dead on where it should be. I haven't gotten to any of the DLC just yet, but being cross buy (now) I highly suggest it to anyone with both consoles. And I know your PS4 is probably getting a bit dusty...this makes for an excellent filler game while we wait for bigger titles.

I'd go so far as to give Escape Plan a 9.5/10. I really enjoyed this and its well worth revisiting. If you enjoyed Portal or the Incredible Machine (way back!) you'll like Escape Plan, and the art design makes your investment all the sweeter.

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