Thursday, December 19, 2013

12/19 Collection Update

WOO. Been a long 10 days. I updated the facebook page URL, so it looks like all my links are broken...of course. *facepalm*.

I tore into those blind boxes almost immediately, less than 24 hours later lol. I posted them on facebook one at a time daily, which you can see by clicking here. I ended up with 6 doubles, and I traded the Julie West and brown camera. Here is a group photo when all was said and done:

Sorry for the ghetto cup display haha. Just temporary for the photo, I'll be buying/building a cabinet soon. I traded a few of my doubles, and ended up with the following from trades:

Woo! I still have a few (4) doubles left, for anyone who might be interested, here is my trade thread.

And finally, I grabbed 2 Vita games I've been waiting on...they were both on sale at $20 each, which is a steal at this point. Managed to grab the extra charms somehow as well! I've been wicked busy, and I'm trying to platinum Zero Escape before fully jumping into Tearaway (although I have played a little) and with Christmas coming, and random parties...I might skip a review on Tearaway. As much as I'd like to, I'm busybusybusy.

Everyone have a happy and safe holiday! I'll be back after Christmas to update with what I get...I know what 99% of it is, because my family just kinda gives me cash and says "shop and give us the gifts" haha but it'll still be worth posting :]

Oh - the new facebook link is THIS. Easier for me to fit when I write it on my business cards that I send out from trades.

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