Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Comic Time - Part 2 - The Last of Us

When I heard The Last of Us collectors edition would be including a variant copy (not pictured) of TLOU #1, I had to be sure to buy the others from the series. This was a short run giving a little bit of back story to Ellie. It takes place when Ellie is in the quarantine and before she hooks up with the fireflies. She meets a friend (Riley) who sneaks her out of the lock down and into a Firefly camp.

Saying much more would give away the comic (and the game), so I'll leave it at that. It provides a fairly interesting back story, and Riley is mentioned in the game. It also gives a little more meaning to certain items featured in the game. The art is fun, but the story is short. The first issue sold enough to be on its third printing, the subsequent issues on their second. They are also being collected into a convenient TPB that includes all 4 books and eliminates the need to seek out individual copies. It will be available very shortly across the internet and in comic shops. (at the time of writing, it had released less than 24 hours ago). I really suggest this to anyone who enjoyed TLOU game and would enjoy a little more information on the environment and characters.

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