Sunday, December 1, 2013

Vinyl toys and Comics Additions

I had a whole post written up here, but its too outdated now to bother with. I grabbed the comic variants super cheap (literally like $2) because they were listed as "very fine" rather than "near mint". Well, I'm no comic grader, but I can't see a single thing wrong with them. It really looks like they've never been taken out of their bags...thanks MyComicShop !!!

The toys I got over a period of a month or so. Kidrobot had a super dope 40% off sale that I took full advantage of. I got a number of things (but gave a bunch to my family to give me for Christmas)...filling in the Futurama collection, and managed to snag Zombie Marge (my first chase) from my first Simpsons box! Shes a pretty rare one...I plan on probably trading her for some other figures since I never planned on completing the Simpsons series anyway. I've got my fingers crossed for a similar sale on Black Friday or Cyber Monday...I'm looking to buy a case of Dunnys or Fat Caps...we'll see. The other toy (which made me laugh a lot) was a freebie from Kidrobot when I got my package.

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