Thursday, October 10, 2013

Countdown to PS4!!! - 1. A love letter to the PSP

As we rapidly approach the release of Sonys new console, the Playstation 4, I can't help but reminisce about my history with the Playstation consoles.  There is roughly one month left until the release of the next installment of the Playstation family, and I've decided to write up a little something for each of the previously released consoles while I wait. So, in 5 short summaries, I will write once a week about my experiences with all the past consoles.

I'm going to do something a little strange and start with the Playstation Portable.

I know the obvious place to begin would be with the PS1, but I have decided to start with the PSP simply because I have the least to say about it. Unfortunately I was a late comer with the PSP, I was having a strong infatuation with skateboarding and eventually the NDS around the time of the PSPs release. By the time I returned (seriously) to gaming, the PSP was on its way out and the Vita was already on its way in. I had never given this handheld much thought, and I'm glad I picked one up instead of continuing to ignore it.

I saw Gamestop was selling their PSP games alarmingly cheap (I got most of my 25+ game PSP library for under $10 per game!) and I actually had a number of games purchased before I had the console. I kept an eye out on ebay and bought one at a reasonable price, and continued buying PSP games from Gamestop at half (sometimes better) of ebay prices. Although it took me some time to accept this little guy into my heart, it continues to solidify itself as my go-to console for at work gaming. I'd probably go a little (more) crazy if it weren't for handheld gaming while I'm at work, and the PSP provides many RPG titles on the go for a satisfying weapon against boredom. It has more than its fair share of quirky titles, and I dare say I'd place Locoroco among my top 10 favorite portable games. It continues to surprise me with its graphical achievements - this thing is way more pretty than the DS, and the innovative thumbstick is really fun to use. I feel bad for the PSP, I don't think it ever really got the attention it deserved. There are a TON of great games for it and most of them can be had for very reasonable prices. Although it is somewhat of a black sheep in my Sony family, I think years to come will work in favor for it as it continues to bloom well beyond its corporate appointed life span.

My first PSP game - Locoroco
My top 5 PSP games - Locoroco (series), Patapon (series), Prinny (series), Lumines, Star Ocean (re-make)

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