Monday, October 7, 2013

Got a 360!

I'm really not a fan of Microsoft - PC or console. I'm not so close minded as to deny that their system has any worth, its just not my personal cup of tea. I dislike the controllers, I dislike the "LIVE" service, I dislike that the consoles broke due to factory defects, there aren't many exclusives I care for, etc etc. I could go on and on, but I'm not going to rant about it. Everyone has their opinions, and that is mine. However, there are a handful of exclusives that I'd be interested in, as well as some games the PS3 doesn't have any trophy support for. A friend of mine had a family member looking to sell his console, 2 controllers and kinect for a very decent price, so I went for it. My gamer tag is "Ovel315" for anyone interested in adding me. I'll probably never ever pay for Live, but whatever.

I also picked up a few PS2 games and some action figures at a garage sale. I'm not getting into figures, but I've had a lot of luck flipping them over at a decent profit so when I see them for 25 cents each, I'm going to buy them every time. I've added a new area of expertise for myself and not wanting to keep them at all makes it easier to sell them haha.

Finally, I bought some business cards and changed the blog address one last time (since its permanently printed on my business cards now). The cards should be here soon and I will be handing them out to small thrift store owners, people who have their prices too high at garage sales, etc. Hopefully it'll pay off for me! :]


Xbox 360 -

2 controllers

PS2 -

Kingdom Hearts 2

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