Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ikari Warriors NES Co-Op Video Playthrough

Alright, my first co-op play. Thanks to my buddy Harry for completing this piece of shit with me. I hate this game. I'm not sure if it was the Game Genie codes we used that broke it, or what the deal was, but it was all kinds of confusing and glitchy and awful. All the stages were super long and just made me pretty mad the entire time. I'm hoping the second installment is a little better, but I'm having trouble finding the proper GG codes to make it an easy playthrough, so we might pass on through this series. I want to give it another shot though.

I guess the main characters are named Ralf and Clark, although I never knew that until just now when I looked it up. Inspired by Rambo (duh), you play as two mercenaries fighting through a bazillion bullets in the jungle. It wouldn't have been so awful if there were more breaks. I kept playing and wondering if it was a game that actually ended, or just one of those that continues on indefinitely letting you build up your score. It was pretty terrible, and I feel bad for making my friend play through this with me. Whatever, if you want to watch check it out. We're going to probably be doing some 4 player arcade games this weekend...Simpsons and Turtles, or maybe just one of them. Keep an eye out. I've finished Gun Nac but my PC is being awful and giving me a ton of trouble with it. I have to replay it. Fortunately I like it enough that I'm alright with that.

Here's the video

Just finished Metal Slug solo..."spent" $10 in (emulated) quarters beating it haha. That'll be coming up along with some other things very soon! I just hate losing my internet connection because it takes me all day to upload these things. And I can't at night because my PC has really obnoxious, extremely bright blue LEDs inside.

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