Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gremlins 2 NES Video Playthrough

OK! Grelmins 2: The New Batch. This game was released in conjunction with the second Gremlins movie (which was awesome). As far as movie based games go, this one isn't too awful. It's also one that I actually had when I was younger. I thought I was pretty OK at it, but I guess I had never actually made it past the second boss. Like many of these NES games, I can't imagine beating them without cheating. I was a young'n when I had (only) my NES...age 7 and under. It's no surprise to me that I only had beaten a few (the Mario series, Adventure Island and TMNT3 are the only ones that come to mind) especially considering I'm not confident I could do it today.

Around the parts with the conveyor belds is where I lost all hope of ever actually playing it legitimately. I don't think the video can express how "slippery" these things are. You land on them, and that's about it. Fortuantely I had the code for unlimited balloons on, so it didn't matter. It is a relatively short game, but don't let that fool you into believing it's easy.

Here are the Game Genie codes I used in this playthrough:
SXKEZPVG - Invincibility
SZXEUXVK - Infinite balloons

There are also a password style level codes, as follows:
Level 1-1 GBQK
Level 1-2 BVKF
Level 2-1 DXNH
Level 2-2 CGMW
Level 3-1 NJTD
Level 3-2 ZFPJ
Level 4-1 SHMC
Level 4-2 VLBB
Level 5-1 NXRD

I did a playthrough of Ikari Warriors co-op with a buddy of mine this weekend. It is an extremely long video (48 minutes I think). I may end up splitting that into two parts, but it is what is coming up next. Not sure which single player I'll be uploading next. Working through Gun-Nac today I think, but I messed up recording and will have to splice the video together.

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