Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bad Dudes NES Video Playthrough

Here it is...the game responsible for that oh-so well known and hilarious screen grab from around the internet. Bad Dudes published by Data East for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Unbeknownst to me (until researching it for this post) Bad Dudes was originally an arcade game. The arcade version was looked much better, was two player co-op (rather than 2 player alternating like on the NES) and had a full title of "Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja". Had I known any of this before making this video, I probably would have held off and played through the arcade version instead.

At any rate, Bad Dudes is your standard beat-'em-up game. Lots of shit flying at you, lots of enemies to defeat, lots of quarters pumped into the machine to make up for your complete lack of skill. The NES version feels clunky and doesn't control as well as the later made beat-'em-ups (TMNT, River City Ransom) but the level design and music is pretty rad. It looks...well, just about the same as most of the earlier NES games. Nothing spectacular. I was surprised at the diversity of the bosses and different level hazards (water, riding on a truck and train, city streets, a helicopter that actually flies). I don't believe I played this one as a kid, but I can tell right now it would have frustrated me. I can't speak on how it was back in the day, but now days its an extremely mediocre game and only really notable for it's hilarious over the top-ness. Not terrible, but definitely hasn't stood the test of time...and without the rose colored glasses (I never had this one) it just wasn't all that fun.

I do really love the pose after beating a boss however.

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