Friday, January 17, 2014

Light Update!

So I did my giveaway over on the kidrobot forums. One member received their prize (Scribe 2013 Dunny) and the other is still waiting for hers to arrive.

Just a light haul this week...not much to show off, but I got a few nick knacks to post.

First up, these...Adventure Time toys haha. They were only $1.80 or something at McDonalds. They're giving them out with Happy Meals, but they sell the toys separately. These were the only two (of 6) that I really wanted, so I finished that up in one shot. Awesome.

Next, this plush from DGPH. It was only $12 shipped on ebay...I couldn't resist. This guys name is Cabello, and the black version was exclusive (100 pc) run at Rotofugi. There was also a pink (exclusive to Clutter), a white (exclusive to ToyQube) and a brown (300 pc non exclusive). I doubt I'll ever hunt down the others, but theres this.

I also inflated my Bubble Mole inflatable by DGPH...reorganized my shelf to account for this...hoping I find some more to include :]

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