Thursday, November 14, 2013

PS4 Games!

Well, I was planning an unboxing video...then Sony released THIS masterpiece...why even bother? Look at that, I can't top that. Not to mention that there are a billion other people on the web making them...and I figured out this little "window" on the laptop I use doesn't actually have a webcam behind it. They just use a generic case, and this model doesn't include the innards, but includes a spot LOL.

Anywayyyyyyy, since I skipped the unboxing, I figured I'd do a size reference photo set. My games arrived at about 2:30 PM from Amazon, so I still have a good (bad) 10 hours before I can even think about playing, heres this post to keep me busy!

I chose Killzone and Knack for my launch titles. I ended up finding a "buy one get one" deal on a forum I use, and getting these for a total of $80 (shipped 2 day to my door). I paid someone $20 for the coupon, but still got a crazy good deal IMO.

Here are the games sized up - identical to a PS3 case, but with a clear blue shell. I believe this is a standard blu-ray sized box? I'm not sure, because I don't own any blu ray movies.

I was curious about how they'd look in comparison to the opaque Vita boxes. As you can see, they've completely opted out of manuals this time, in favor of a reverse-art on the insert. A welcome change in my opinion.

The transparency allows for you to see the inner art, as was the case with PS3 games. Here you can see the insert for the Vita game (oh yeah, bought the Walking Dead today) HAS alternate art work, but its disappointingly hidden. I wish they'd drop the opaque Vita box for one similar to the PS4.

Andddddd, there they are seamlessly lined up with my PS3 collection (thanks for that Sony!). That'll be all for now, but I'll be doing a similar box/console/controller size matchup with my PS4 as I open it up tonight!!! (TONIGHT!)

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