Thursday, November 7, 2013

Countdown to PS4!!! - 5. A love letter to the PS Vita!

Alright guys. One week. Theres not much more for me to say about waiting that I haven't said already. Also - I will indeed be making an unboxing video for my PS4. I will try to have it up before I go to sleep next Thursday so I can be one of the first of what I'm sure will be a million people doing the same thing. Look for the video here :] The stupid laptop I use evidently doesn't have a built in webcam, although it has the spot for one and really looks like it should. I'll have to rig my phone up somehow.

My experiences with the newest member of la familia - the Playstation Vita.

So, we've had almost two years with this little handheld. There has been a lot of mixed opinions on the role of the Vita, and a lot of "no games" derping about it. The Vita has been out for a total of 21 months. Not counting PSN titles I have played, there are 15 Vita games in my collection (with another 5 or so I'm hoping to knock off on Black Friday). So, in total, there are about 20 Vita games I'd like to own. Including the PSN games, that rounds up to over one game per month - which is plenty for me. Especially now that the price has dropped significantly on the system, there are plenty of fun games to pick up for the Vita.

The screen on this thing is extremely impressive. Its always crisp and bright and it looks beautiful. I haven't gotten the chance to play with a 3DS yet, but looking at my PSP and DSi, this is like a PS3 for your pocket. The buttons are "clicky" and the sticks are very responsive. It just feels right playing games on this system.

The Vita is still in its infancy, but it has provided some memorable experiences for me. Escape Plan and Persona 4 being my two favorites. I can admit that the library does seem a bit thin, despite there being a number of games I want to play. The Vita needs more titles like Persona 4 - I didn't put it down for a week straight after picking that one up. It needs more RPGs that are extensive and have some replay value. I'm excited to see what kind of connectivity it will have with the PS4...a lot has been promised, but I'm not going to completely get my hopes up until I see it in action. Borderlands 2 is scheduled for a port, and I will definitely be replaying it on the Vita.

Handhelds aren't for every one, and thats okay. Not everyone enjoys gaming on the go. I like the Vita as something to bring along to work or on road trips, and the exclusives available make me play it on the couch as well. I'm pretty stoked to try out Tearaway, and the Ys game coming up also looks very fun. I'm itching to try Valhalla Knights and to replay the Walking Dead as well.

The second year anniversary of the Vita is in February. I'm still very positive on the outlook for the Vita, and I'll be excitedly waiting to see whats next.

My First PS Vita Game - Touch My Katamari
My Top 5 PS Vita Games - Escape Plan, Persona 4 Golden, Sly Cooper 4, Gravity Rush, Littlebigplanet Vita

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