Saturday, March 22, 2014

inFamous Second Son Gameplay Demo (and a small update to my collection)

Just a short little clip of me playing the new inFamous game. It's really good. I'll probably be making a few more short clips and definitely be writing a review in the coming weeks. I'm dedicating my weekend to this game, so I should have some progress done fairly soon.

Also, a few things I've gotten in the last few weeks. I finally traded my Pokemon Y for X. I grabbed the two pack of Batman games from Gamestop (finished Asylum, 7/10) and of course inFamous. I grabbed a random pack of action figures for $2 at the local thrift store because I saw some Power Rangers (left and right) and the two middle figures are from Jurassic Park I guess. Rad. Are for sale, so feel free to message me at my new email address -  Jurassic Park figures - $5 shipped, Power Rangers $10 shipped (within the USA).

I have also ordered a capture device for gaming since Sony announced it would be dropping HDCP from the PS4. I'll now be able to do long plays of new games, and I'll be doing some "godmode" co-op run throughs of retro games with my buddy Harry! Keep an eye out and subscribe to my new channel! Garage sale season is on the horizon!!!

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