Thursday, October 31, 2013


ALSO - real quickly, I made a facebook page for my blog. Please like it - eventually I'll be doing giveaways once I hit some "like" milestones to make it worth it. This way you'll get updated when I make a new blog post. I'm not spammy or annoying, I promise. It only gets updated once or twice a week. I won't be filling your newsfeed with garbage.

Keep in mind I'll have a lot of quality videos to upload soon. Gameplay from Knack will be my first priority after the PS4 unboxing! I will update my facebook as I upload videos, so please like it, thanks!

I haven't fully started sharing the page just yet, I'm waiting on my PS4 unboxing. Stay tuned!

Also, commentary on the new PSN game "Proteus" later this week complete with my own screenshots from this dream like exploration game!

And, I just got my first blind box toy in the mail...Futurama Kidrobot series one...what could be in the box!?

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