Monday, September 23, 2013

September Update

OKAY. Whoa, after doing a pretty decent job of weekly updates I really slacked there. My yard sale finds dwindled into almost non existence, and I've been trying to save my cash up for my PS4. I've picked up some things here and there - 3 new collectors edition games added to the cabinet. I tried to run through Dead Space 3 but I found it pretty annoying. I'm hoping its the last in the series, although ending it on a sour note is sad.

Finally got around to playing Kingdom Hearts. Having never played it before I figured it was about time. I had mixed feelings on it. I'm at the last part ("End of the World") and decided to take a break playing God of War 1. Once I finish that, I'll go back to Kingdom Hearts and finish it off.

Also - I got that Wii, complete (minus wii sports + resort) with 2 wiimotes in the OG box for $20 outside Gamestop. Some lady was walking to the store and I said "pssssssst, I'll give you more for that" haha. So now I have 2 Wiis. Unless someone wants to trade that is...

I'll probably continue this in monthly updates rather than weekly now. Garage sale season is winding down, almost over. Much of my money is tied up, and I'm trying to wait for Xmas deals on things so I'm only making purchases that are necessary.  Once garage sale season begins again (or if I find something in a thrift shop) I'll make weekly posts.



Black Wii System - Complete
Cooking Mama Cook Off
Epic Mickey Collectors Edition
Kirby Dream Collection Special Edition
New Super Mario Bros Wii
Red Steel 2
Super Smash Bros Brawl

GTA Vice City


Dead Space 3
God of War Collection
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Special Edition
White Knight Chronicles


Little Deviants


A Boy and His Blob
Kirbys Adventure


Chester Cheetah Wild Wild Quest
Kirby Avalanche


Ecco the Dolphin
Primal Rage

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