Monday, July 1, 2013

Week of June 23rd Additions

I actually didn't find much (if anything) myself this weekend. I always tell my mom "any game 3 dollars and under is a safe bet" and she came home with 2 shopping bags full of PS2 games, as well as this Rockband stuff ($3 for 2 guitars and a drum set!). If anything in the pictures is unlisted, either I already have it, I plan on trading it, or the disc wasn't in the box (sad panda). Here we go:


PS2 - Dark Angel Vampire Slayer
PS2 - Destruction Derby Arenas
PS2 - Getaway (the)
PS2 - Lego Star Wars
PS2 - Lord of the Rings Two Towers
PS2 - Red Dead Revolver
PS2 - Sims 2
PS2 - Shadow of Destiny
PS2 - Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness
PS2 - Vampire Night

PSV - Lego Chima Lavals Journey

Wii - Super Mario Galaxy

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